MEarth located at Carmel Middle School, Carmel CA

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MEarth located at Carmel Middle School, Carmel CA: Habit Restoration / Sustainable Plants / Instruction

Carmel, United StatesCarmel CA 93923, United States
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Project Stage:
$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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MEarth is a 501c non-profit that is located on the site of Carmel Middle School. The parcel in nearly 10 acres, and lessons dealing with bio-diversity, sustainability, renewable energy, green buildings and structures, organic gardening and drought resistance plants are taught daily.

Impact: How does it Work

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This non-profit is part of a trend where non-profit and public sector entities (ours is a K-12 district) work together. This is a hands on science experience, complete with a 1.1 million dollar Green Classroom. Students are introduced to living science, and many have declared interest in pursuing these topics as a career.

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The impact of this relationship between MEarth and the Carmel Unified School District has yet to reach full-fruition. This is a rare opportunity to have a well educated MEarth staff working with all teachers throughout the district. Possibly the greatest impact is on the "visiting" schools from other districts who do not have the funds to attempt anything like this. All students are welcome. MEarth provides the lessons and activities.

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The most important next step is financial sustainability. These are tough times financially, and it is difficult to predict our future at times, while maintaining excellent teachers and program coordinators. We are a non-profit, and everyone involved is working far beyond what they are paid.

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The plan is to increase the donor base, and appeal to organizations and foundations that support sustainability....and access to high quality outdoor science education for all public / private school students in the area. Our own district schools are pre-scheduled.

Founding Story

I was one of the founders. It was basically me, as Principal at Carmel Middle School and my 8th grade science teacher. We made a proposal to the Board of Education to use the available 10 acres next to the Middle School (district property) for an outdoor learning environment for students. The Habitat was difficult to get through, but we persevered and the rest is history. I will never forget the night that it was approved by the School Board.


The Board of MEarth is comprised of 8 Board members and one Advisory Board member that is me. We have a full-time director and several half / part time staff. The Carmel Unified School District pays for some of our staffing, and all of those employees are part-time.