Middle East Fitness Initiative

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Middle East Fitness Initiative

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$1,000 - $10,000
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The Middle East Fitness Initiative (MEFI) is a nonprofit corporation with 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. The organization seeks to encourage physical fitness in low-income communities in the Middle East by supporting local initiatives. MEFI takes a holistic view of health and believes that the physical and psychological benefits of exercise help build self-confidence, increase personal productivity, and positively impact overall quality of life.

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The refugees living in the camp we help in Northern Jordan face a slew of daily challenges associated with the poverty cycle of poor education, healthcare, and lack of employment opportunities. Consequently, children born in the camps are growing up in an atmosphere that largely perpetuates the cycle of poverty and violence from which their parents and grandparents have long suffered, and by which much of the Middle East region is gripped. There is not much to distract the refugees from their daily troubles, and they are in need of programming that will lend to a positive environment for all involved. In addition, because many women in the community are covered, they need a private space to destress and to practice physical fitness away from the largely male-dominated society.

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The Middle East Fitness Initiative (MEFI) recognizes the importance of fitness in bettering quality of life and seeks to provide fitness facilities, programming, and education to in-need communities in the Middle East. Exercise has been proven to significantly improve mood, quality of sleep, and self confidence. By promoting the holistic benefits of exercise, we aim to better the lives of those whom we serve. W
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We provide fitness programming for in-need communities. To date, we have provided a women's hours in the fitness center so the women of the camp can exercise freely and comfortably as well as a summer camp for the children of the Gaza Refugee Camp in Northern Jordan.


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