MoonFo "new EMR system" fast easy and efficient!

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MoonFo "new EMR system" fast easy and efficient!

Ponce, Puerto Rico
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for profit
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< $1,000
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Make a flexible, easy and affordable Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that speed up everything in all kinds of medical clinics and hospitals to increase work efficiency and save money while at the same time give people the power over their medical records.

About Project

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Theres a need for a greater system of EMR

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It may speed up the process of medical records in hospitals and medical clinics making them more efficient and more productive. It can save the hospitals and Medical clinics lots of money. It may increases doctors focus and communication. It may help people with ALL medical procedures. Over all it may speed up all medical procedures so that the people and the doctors may have a better experience with their visits.​
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If EMR become more rapid then hospitals make more money and more people can be treated.