Mothers Alternatives

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Mothers Alternatives

naples, Italy
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“Mothers Alternatives” is a babysitting service for children of immigrants, by mothers of the host country, living in the city of Naples, which teach the language and local culture aiming at mutual collaboration and integration of new generation

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Home is the best place to grow, but if mom is at work and there isn't grandparents nearby, the solution is mothers alternatives!
About Project

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The immigration rate in the city of Naples has grown significantly in these years. Many of the immigrants mothers residing in Naples and living far from their country, have difficulty in combining engagement with the private life and then increasingly have the problem of caring for their children ensuring them the right integration in the hosting community. Also in the city there is a big unemployment of female segment of Neapolitan population

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Try to integrate needs of the two segments of population overall described, troughs the creation of a web community offering different services. Starting with babysitting by resident households, especially Neapolitan housewives who care for immigrants’ children, in the long term period il will be possible to enlarge the range of services offered by and for the women, ranging from babysitting to help for homework, from teaching a different language to cooking, craft works, etc. Through the web community, everyone can look for the family closer to the needs of users. It will permit to create new jobs among the Neapolitan unemployed young women, give support to the immigrant mothers in combining engagements with family life
Impact: How does it Work

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For a fee proportional to the number of hours devoted to this work, the children of immigrants can part-time grow–up in a native family, learn the language, customs and traditions, without losing sight of its origin and integrating since their childhood among the local population. The system of payment will be sustainable for everybody as a system of virtual credits will also make possible to exchange services instead of using money only.

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The impact of this web comunity will help immigrant women from country as: Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan and Tunisia to find services lsuch as, cooking, gardening, crafts works, teaching a foreign language, etc. Thanks to this system each hour spent caring a child will correspond to a sum of credits with whom mothers can ask to be paid. The kind of services exchanged will be agreed between users and a standardized scale will be create on the web site which will explain that each kind of service can be exchanged with hours of babysitting. To create the deeper integration and knowledge among users, the web site will be integrated with a section dedicated to intercultural learning. To be accessible to everybody it will be multilingual (starting from the most used languages of the immigrants such as English, Ukranian, French and Arabic), very easy to access.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The idea will have economic sustainability if it would have a good massive start-up, helped by institutional advertising. After a beginning promotional free access, the service and the consequent registration to the community will foresee a fee(48 euros) to be paid by the applicants for help. Also, on the web community there will be the possibility to add ads and sponsorship banners that can help economically the initiative.

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The situation concerning female unemployment is particularly critical in Naples and a significant segment of the female population, despite qualifications, prefer to devote themselves to home and family in a full time job. To address this issue, many young women have just invented work at home that allow them to manage economic needs and those related to taking care of children. Our proposal has completely integrated in this, it will permit to unemployed women devoted to their families, only to housing and child care, to move towards new jobs without losing their role in the family.

Founding Story

The idea start from an innovative vision of the Napolitan comunity as a melting pot and its changing in these years. The proposal can work because it matches real needs individuated locally. It permits to solve problems of lack of public nurseries and at the same time, with this solution, the involved mothers will be sure their children will grow-up with a reliable family and can learn easily Italian language, use and habits coming to an easier integration in the hosting country. Moreover the service is guaranteed to be managed by professionals that can mediate among users and since everybody can pay not only with money but also exchanging services it can be accessible to all, independently from their economic conditions.