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Mulhouse, FranceMulhouse, France
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$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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The ENH is a project which is based on playful, accessible to all Web application, on an including approach allowing to coordinate the effort of all (consumers and producers). In the end by amplifying the capacities of each we will succeed in lowering the energy cost of each (joint purchasing...).

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About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

The precarious livelihood and energy vulnerability affect more and more citizens. In France, the average budget dedicated to energy costs increased by 32% in 10 years.Today, in our urban area, 90% of the households affected by energy poverty live in the City center. The most modest populations think that they cannot cope with this problem. The only exit is to undergo the energy bill.

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The energy nuggets hunting will allow them to better understand the energy issue and to take advantage directly from earnings of the inclusive collective actions. It will also allow this population to share actions with nearby well-off populations. The young people will have the possibility of being responsible for energy nuggets, and to act in the public interest thanks to games which will be dedicated to them. Beyond the implication of the City and his public employees who will feel the responsibility to be exemplary energy nuggets hunters, we 're engaging ourself to obtain the approval of third-party investors, the building companies, and main private owners of the City.
Impact: How does it Work

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Before being deployed on the scale of the city, the idea will be tested in a representative district. The data put at the disposal in the Web application can be partials (potential of roofs, networks of collectives heating, public street lightings, thermography of buildings to begin). A first collective project of energy savings and production will be carried by the initiators of the project to launch the citizen dynamics (photovoltaic deployment and insulation of roofs, including third investment and cooperative of citizens).

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N°1 : Collection and creation of a data base to make the mapping : collect and harmonization of the known consumptions data in connection with the development of the open data, networks and potential sources of renewable energies, thermography … N°2 : Development and test of the interactive application : playful, easy to use, geolocation-based, secured and set up of a reward and valuation system. N°3 : First deployment in the pilot district with recruitment and trainings of the Pepitos and Pepitas and simulation of a collective project : photovoltaic roofs + insulation of roofs (technical feasibility, authorizations, financial and legal plan). N°4 :Inventory of all the detected energy nuggets. On this basis, study of feasibility and operational implementation of the other projects. N°5 : Progressive deployment on the whole City after assessment and analysis of th

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A part of the support will by supply by the local and regional public government. And the craftsman's organisation will also support apart of the organisation. Some foreign cities have express their interest for the application, we are developing, and we plan to sell it. We continue to develop parallel businesses, which should be lucrative (co-generations units) so that we can continue to employ our staff.

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It is not necessary anymore to broach the energy question as inevitable, as a growing burden. It has to be analyzed as a challenge we can achieve with both individual and collective action at the City scale. We consider the citizen as an actor of its own change. Together, we prospect these deposits with seriousness, determination, time and means, as an energy fossil deposit in term of potential production volume. Famous actors of the transition dynamic gave us their encouragements, and recognize in us the capacity to increase public engagement thrue social ingeniering and numeric.

Founding Story

After reading the book "the third industrial revolution"from J.Rifkin, one the founder members decided to contact 4 of his bests friends. They came all from the same city, an old hotspot of the 19th century industrial revolution and decided to launch an initiative to fight poverty three the development of local sustainable energy production. After meeting Jeremy Rifkin it sleds and visiting many places famous for their transition initiatives, they discovered in Danemark (Sonderborg) a famous exemple for bringing people to activate the transition in their own houses. Thanks to the connections and capabilities in digital process of one of us the realized how the could optimize the participation of the beneficiaries.


Director: full-time: ex development manager by the trade and industry Assistent:full time: master of ingeniering for non profit organisations Project Manager in charge of "strategy, forcasting and transversal policies: part time Ingenieur in sustainable energy: part time Estate promoter : part time Various entrepreneurs : part time Team coach and action learning design consulter: part time Application maker: part time