,,Mushroom growing support center”

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,,Mushroom growing support center”: Organization of herbarium and collection of fixed fungi-macromycetes

Chernihiv, UcraniaChernihiv, Ucrania
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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Aim of the project is to research the kingdom of fungi and to find out their vital importance in the natural world, to create herbarium and collection of the fixed fungi-macromycetes.

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Study of development the science about mushrooms their systematization and morphology will lead to advanced study of the given direction.
About Project

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Conservation of biodiversity means conservation of resources that are important and beneficial both at local, national and global human scale. All living beings are important and unique for humanity. Unfortunately, preservation of biodiversity of fungi has slowed from the most other organisms. Threats to the survival of fungi are similar to those that touch upon other organisms.

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Mushrooms is the necessary component of any biogeocoenosis. They take part in the circulation of substances. Plants can`t normally grow and develop without it. Fungi- are representatives of the special kingdom and we need to be studied at the proper level. Most of children are totally unaware of mycology. It`s time to instill knowledge on mycology to children. There is a huge variety of topics in this area , there are lots of white spots that can lead to serious discoveries. It`s time to pay attention to the wonderful world of mushrooms, created for us by nature and our task is to study this world and to save it for the future generation . To change this status quo we have developed the research project on fungi.
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Resources of the fungi collection can be used on the lessons ( in demonstrating mode) during the studying the new material and for the individual work at school and at home as well. The collection of dried fruiting bodies of fungi-macromycetes (fungi that have big fruiting bodies can be seen with the naked eye) is called the mycological herbarium. Collection of the fixed fungi-macromycetes is in a certain way systemized ( depending on the purpose of the collection) collection of examples of fungi that are fixed in the liquid preserving agents for the purpose of long-term storage that represents scientific, educational etc. aims. - To organize field studies - To create herbarium and collection of fungi

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In the process of realization of the project such results were achieved: • Acquaintance with the biodiversity of the fungi • Elevation of awareness about the role of fungi in our ecosystem • Mastering the skills of the identification of the fungi • Reduction of poisoning of the wild mushrooms • Familiarization with the mushroom collection- effective form of the ecological breeding and education The project has absolute scientific and practical interest. The quantitative effect will be defined by: - Quantity of the gathered patterns - Lower statistics the quantity of people who poisoned with willed mushrooms. Qualitative estimation of the project activity: - Efficiency of the project proceeds from the common quantitative characteristic

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Financing of the project will be performed for account of profit from the exhibition hall: - Group and individual excursions - Holding of the training courses, practical assignments for students of agrarian colleges, ecological trainings, traveling exhibitions - Sale of books, souvenirs, mushroom planting material (mycelium) - Sale of the fresh mushrooms, cultivated in the demonstrative premises - Holding out mushroom festivals, autumn exhibition of mushrooms

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Permanent replenishment and expansion of the collection

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Because of more complicated identification of the species affiliation then plants have, more irregular and shortness of the fruiting, invisibility of the mycelium and also the lack of the literature – study of the fungi will be more difficult.

Founding Story

The employees of the company "Mushroom growing support Centre" are directly involved in the project implementation


Project manager - organization and supervision the implementation of the project, implementation of activities, provide their information and technical support, report about a course of implementation of the project, distribute of funds, report about use of funds, conduct lectures and workshops. Assistant to project manager - coordination the work of performers, documenting events. Project accountant - conducting accounting.