new method of disinfecting water treatment facilities

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new method of disinfecting water treatment facilities

Minsk, Belarus
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$250,000 - $500,000
Project Summary
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A new technology, and mobile installation system for disinfecting water wells that will increase the degree of disinfection and reduce processing time by 20-30 times.

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What if, using new technology and a new disinfection agent, we can increase the degree of disinfection in wells and reduce the processing time r
About Project

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Contamination of water wells associated with outbreaks of infections transmitted by water by urban water supply systems. The disadvantages of currently used methods of chlorination, such as: insufficient efficiency, the possibility of the formation of highly toxic compounds, the use of high-dosages of disinfectant solutions, duration of exposure time and the toxicity of waste generated.

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Methodologies are proposed for the use of ozone for disinfection of wellbore and drinking water pipelines: three variants for disinfecting wells and one – for the disinfection of water pipes. Based on the disinfection processes a design is proposed for a mobile unit.
Impact: How does it Work

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The main source of drinking water is groundwater. However, during operation, pollution of the well may occur. Innovative technology and mobile installation system for the process of disinfection of water wells are presented in order to provide security in the supply of this valuable resource.

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The proposed technology can reduce the time required for disinfection of water wells by 20-30 times; increase the level of disinfection; reduce corrosive effects on the well materials. The proposed disinfection material destroys itself after processing, eliminating the need for further processing. Typical payback period of the mobile treatment system is less than 1 year.

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Creation of the proposed mobile installation for the disinfection of water wells includes the capital cost of 250 thousand U.S. dollars. Current costs are minimal in comparison with existing methods of disinfection.

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Researching new safe materials for effective disinfection is very important. This issue is receiving a lot of attention around the world. The proposed technology and the disinfection substance have never been presented as a methodology for the disinfection of water supply wells.

Founding Story

Anatoly Gurinovich (Head of IWA in Belarus), who is one of the leading specialists in the field of water and sanitation, and I in the search for solutions to improve treatment methods proposed a new agent. And, based on this, we have been developing a technology and mobile treatment system for disinfection of water wells.