NGOs Microreporting App

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NGOs Microreporting App

Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaSemporna, Malaysia
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
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The NGOs micro reporting app is a mobile Android app built for NGOs to collect data on their ground activities, schedule timely reporting and publish the information for stakeholders. The objective is to replace the conventional annual NGOs reporting with long cycle time and non up-to-date data.

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What if NGOs reporting can be done with the least hassle by using an app?
About Project

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Most of the NGOs in the country are still performing annual data collection and then followed by publication of reports. Resources are going to be spent at the year end to facilitate this process and eventually contributing to loss of productivity.

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The solution is an app that can be used to collect data of activities from a NGO in real time and the app can act as a temporary server that stores and compiles the data. With this app, NGOs can integrate reporting as a daily routine instead of collecting a year of data in December. The reporting cycle time will be drastically shorten. The data will be analysed and visualised within a shorter time, with greater insight for the NGOs and their stakeholders.
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Imagine there is a street feeding NGO that is fully funded by a few stakeholders. The stakeholders are mostly corporates that require data to be included in their annual CSR reporting. If the money contributed are meant for 50 times of street feedings and covering more than 200 homeless for each occasion, there will be a hassle to compile the overall data when the 50th street feeding activity is concluded. The process can be so much easier when the data is collected and recorded after every food distribution. By the time they complete the series of distribution, the result and the impact can be put together easily and handled over to the CSR teams within a short time frame.

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This app will be the only micro reporting app that is available in the social sector of Malaysia. There are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools available for the commercial markets but it is way more clunky and expensive, which means NGOs cannot afford to incorporate this as their usual reporting method.