No-Drop out-Designing the change to reduce it.

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No-Drop out-Designing the change to reduce it.: When kids, teachers and families become counsellors

A Coruna, SpainNovo Airao, Brazil
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$50,000 - $100,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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We tackle the individual/persona, the teachers/the system/ the families, the neighbourhood/ we know these are key players in the drop out.
We transform these 3 target gropus into Counsellors at different level.
LSP-DT-BMYOU-OASIS GAME methodologies applied, new counselling model to reduce drop out

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kids, families, teachers are consuellors to advise each other to reduce dropout
About Project

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Absenteeism and school drop-out rates are higher in Brasil, Turkey and Bulgaria. Being 3 different educational models the reasons for dropout are the same and can be divided into four categories as 1.individual”,”,” and 4.neighborhood based”.The crisis has enhanced this problem. A new counselling model is needed to reduce the drop out by involving all actors in solving the problems. A new social educational paradigm is needed.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

We transform these 4 categories/ target groups into Counsellors at different level to support each other by teaching different methodologies such LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, OASIS GAME, DRAGON DREAMING, ART OF HOSTING, DESGIN THINKING, BUSINESS MODEL YOU and Gamification. Out of these traning combination taking the best of these methodologies we develop a new counselling/ models to support education that generate the change to reduce the Drop out. Each training on these methodologies empower each group to become counsellors at their level to solve the problems that impact them. They create MOOCs training to support peers They create communities of interest They develop their own multilingual toolkit First implementation 5000 people involved
Impact: How does it Work

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All researchs show there is a lack of training for the different actors involved in the drop out to address the problems they face. The system do not provide any toolkit, but spare actions, even if drop out problems are very well identify. This project involves all the actors in a series of trainings to learn all together how to prevent and solve problems at different level. At the end the actors become the counsellors. The methodologies among other things will enable them to; Know who they are. Identifying a design challenge to find and build a solution to possible local problems. Collaborative leadership that scales up from the personal to the systematic using dialogue, facilitation, personal practice and the cocreation. 30 workshops run

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Drop out is a problem addressed through different EU programs sometimes with no clear impact. Hundred of projects are submitted most of them with a solution that do not include the local actors.This project involves as first step 5.000 people from 3 continents with different educational systems, but with common problems. It is a pilot project to impact at larger scale. Manaus has 1,793 millions, in Brasil 62% are younguers (200Mi), 13,85 millions in Istanbul, in Turkey 26% are younguers (80Mi), 334,870 Varna, 25% in Bulgaria (8Mi) are younguers. The imapct is a full implementation addressing real problems finding through this transformation via training in these methodologies to give real case solutions not only to inspire at national level, but across cultures and educational systems, showing it is possible to change while empowering local actors to reduce the drop out.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

This project idea comes already from previous implemented project at European level that showed the needs of this project., daphne IOR project and many others showed us that the vision need to be wider. That is why we have contacted the Fundação Almerinda Malaquias, the CATALCA ILCE MILLI EGITIM MUDURLUGU and VarnaEduca where we found enough local actors to implement a pilot project to prototype different problems and solutions that grants replicability at larger scale. it arrives on time since most educational systems are immersed in understanding the future of learning.

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This project releases a new training methodology to be implemented by public authorities. We will run private training certification. We submit EU Project under Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020. We run workshops at HUBs and entrepreneur organisations. Every year we organise a National conference on each of the participants country. We develop in online training courses. We publish e-books. All actors benefit granting sustainability

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

The market is huge because there is a real need to understand what the problems are and how they can be solved. By making this implementation we learn about potential solution and problems. Every day there are workshops on the methodologies we are going to use but they just teach you about the methodology but dont give you "ready made" solutions. That is our new valuable proposition. We address not only Public institutions, European calls, but educational content providers. This project involves directly private SMEs, NGO, Foundation, Public Authorties. A new Quality certification is developed

Founding Story

Frustration triggered this project. While participating in EU project the interpretation of the dropout from some partners was just to do an excersise like team building, or agile boat. We felt we need to go further. We launched 4 days workshop on Drop Out in Madrid inviting teachers, students, traineer, iMPACT hubs director, Ashoka members, Ministry of education, school director. We run LSP, see We run the same workshop with Turkish teachers in game project see We went to Israel to implement this concept at the see We are convinced


Daniel Weiss 18 years in EU projects. Teaches at Elisava and Abant University. LSP certified.Busines Model You trainer. Laura W.Ferreiro Master on Leadership Towards Sustainability. Oasis Game Facilitator by the Elos Instituto.(BR) Silvia Marti Arch.Master Facilitator for Ashoka , Madrid (Youth social) Antonio Farre Executive Director Almerinda foundation Eda Güzelçiçek Directress of EU project TR R.Kalcheva Directress of Varnaeduca (ICT)