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Nonner Group: Energising Poor Households in Rural Uganda through Solar-energy

Kampala, UgandaLuwero, Uganda
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Less than 5% of rural households in Uganda have access to electricity. This has negative implication on their productivity and welfare. We aim to provide each rural household at least one bulb which uses solar energy. Each household will be provided with one-bulb to light up their homes at night.

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Every Child in Uganda was able do her homework at night using a solar powered bulb?
About Project

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Only less than 5% of rural households have access to electricity. Consequently, they have to depend on natural light and kerosene for light and sometime cooking with affects their productivity and health. Children of school-going age are the most affected since they can't revise or do their homework at night like other children with access to electricity. This affects their academic performance and progress in their studies.

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We hope to use the "one-bulb" concept to provide at least one solar-powered bulb to rural households. Using the cost-shared model, the household will provide a small portion of the cost of the installation of the solar system. This bulb will be able to provide light at night to enable the household members especially school -going children to revise their books and do their homework at night. In addition, their parents will be able to undertake economic activities such as knitting clothes that can help them raise income to support their children's education. Furthermore, the household will save some money they have been spending on kerosene to buy other household needs. This will improve their health and well being in the long run.