Open That Box! Training Company

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Open That Box! Training Company: Empowering low-wage earners to better performance and opportunities.

Singapore, SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Singapore is a fast-paced society with high cost of living. This project is designed to provide low to mid income earners with relevant knowledge and skills that will help them become valuable assets to the organizations they work for.

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What if all your employees become very motivated, creative and has an enterprising behaviour that brings your organization to a whole new level
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1. Low to middle income earners lacked the opportunity to learn new skills and technology that will help them become more productive. 2. To them, a smart phone is just another entertainment. 3. They were unable to significantly contribute to their companies and after many years of doing the same tasks, negativity sets in and eventually poison the company from within.

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These low to middle income earners should have access to motivational and productivity related trainings and coaching. From these training, a motivated master-mind group can be formed in order to maintain a positive mindset and work environment. This initiative is all about creating a positive and motivated workforce regardless of the industry they are in.