Parque 67

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Parque 67: Urban Forestry

San Jose, Costa RicaSan Jose, Costa Rica
Year Founded:
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Parque 67 is an urban forestry program started in 2008. We are dedicated to planting trees on riverbanks, parks, schools and streets in different parts of the Greater Metropolitan Area, Costa Rica.

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What if each one of us planted a tree?
About Project

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Costa Rica is well known worldwide for its conservation efforts. Approximately 20% of the country is protected however the environmental quality of urban areas has always been neglected. The mismanagement of resources and lack of planning in the Great Metropolitan Area have left us with few recreational spaces, disconnected green areas and contaminated and abandoned sites.

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Our purpose is to help in the recovery of the city’s green infrastructure through urban forestry to improve urban quality and quality of life. We are mainly dedicated to planting trees on riverbanks, parks, schools and streets in different parts of the Greater Metropolitan Area; but from time to time Parque 67 also develops proposals on how to improve the environmental quality of the city.
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Urban Forestry contributes to a more livable, walkable, and sustainable city. They make streets and parks much more vibrant and enjoyable to go walking. Trees help filter air pollution, fight climate change by storing carbon (CO2), reduce stormwater runoff, create habitats for birds, animals and insects, fight heat islands, reduce building cooling costs, help in the creation of green spaces to enjoy and play and promote pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Also, according to the Biophilia hypothesis, nature is essential for us to live a healthy, happy and meaningful life. Being close to nature on a regular basis has been proven to help in both mental and physical health.

Founding Story

The project was started in 2008 by two siblings, Pamela Bellavita and Guido Bellavita, who noticed that the trees are doing their part by producing seeds. However, these fall on to asphalt and cannot germinate. In this way every year huge amounts of potential trees that could be helping in the fight against climate change are wasted; so they decided to take action and began to collect the seeds to give them the opportunity to grow.


Parque 67 runs on volunteering. Involving as many people as possible helps us raise awareness, especially in young children, about the environmental situation and that the power to change this is in each and every one of us. Taking care of the environment, generating spaces for exchange and creating a better future for the next generations is everyone's responsibility.