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Toronto, Canada
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Our mission is to create a world where everyone can live to their fullest potential.

Our vision spans four areas:
1. Building a brand, philosophy and way of life that empowers every individual the freedom to live a passionate and fulfilling life. To build a community and movement around human thrivability, prosperity and flourishing.

2. A framework that can be adapted and integrated into existing systems, such as business organization systems, education systems, government, and innovation and design.

3. Technology that can be used as a catalyst to enable people to develop the innate human ability to tap into their potential, and passion, and harness it to create massive value, meaning and fulfillment in life.

4. A leader in social enterprise, to create massive social value and financial sustainability.

About Project

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A majority of people are not fully engaged with their lives. They are not living passionately and fully. We see this in the workplace, in relationships, in our health - we believe that everyone should live passionately in all areas of their life. We believe when this occurs, it will improve the well-being of the world. Our mission is to create a world where everyone can live their life to their fullest potential.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

We've developed a model, a Human Experience Development Framework, that allows it to be used and integrated into everything we do to harness anyone's human potential, and create the passion needed to generate massive value to the world. This framework can be adapted into existing systems from business, education to technology. It can be used as a philosophy and way to live a happy and fulfilling life. A life with passion and purpose. Phinklife offers different solutions with this framework that intends to reach communities globally, with technology to reach any Internet-enabled user, to processes that adapt into organizations to enable organizations and institutions to develop the capabilities to harness human passion, to literature that can be shared to educate people with the skills to discover and pursue a life of passion and purpose.
Impact: How does it Work

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A specific example is an online social platform we call synchronicity. This platform allows people to discover their core essence, passion and purpose, and connect them to opportunities, knowledge and people that enables people to take their passion into deliberate creation through real life experience. Not just do we expect massive value generation and innovation, we expect the growth of more meaningful relationships, purpose, improved health and well-being - and that everyone can live a life with no regrets.

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Our marketplace touches industries within global and local human development, to global institutions such as the UN Foundation, and the World Economic Forum. Because of our unique process, it's designed to convert peers and competitors into collaborators as a global coalition to enable people to live to their fullest potential. We provide ground floor solutions that can create immediate impact.