Polulation and phenology of WNV vectors

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Polulation and phenology of WNV vectors: Monitoring, sampling and identification of mosquitoes vectors.

Larissa, GreeceLarissa, Greece
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Monitoring, sampling and identification of mosquitoes vectors is of great importance in setting up a general surveillance system. I propose to work towards understanding the population dynamics of mosquitoes in the urban area of Larissa by using adult mosquito traps.

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My project could save lives and save money from the government.WNV infects the central nervous system and causes meningitis, encephalitis , acu
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Mosquitoes transmit the WNV from birds to humans and infects the central nervous system causing meningitis, encephalitis and acute flaccid paralysis or even the death.The governments spent great amounts of money spraying areas with pesticides without knowing the phenology , the population dynamic and the seasonal outbreaks of the mosquitoes and in this way they pollute the environment without eliminating the mosquitoes populations.

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The solution is to put traps in an urban area of Larissa where there are people who some of them have health problems and they are susceptible to be infected by this virus because their immune system does not works very well.In this way i will put a monitoring , sampling , surveillance and identification system by using it i will know the kinds of mosquitoes( and the illnesses that they transmit), their seasonal outbreaks and population dynamic and in this way i will know the excact place and time of spraying achieving the greatest result(eradicating the possibility of virus transmition),and saving money.Moreover i will have temperature and moisture data in order to have a reliable result.
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For example, the last three yeas in the perfecture of Larissa we had 50 patients , 33 of them had problems with their central nervous system and we had 3 deaths only from the WNV.Moreover for the year 2013 and every year the perfecture of Thessaly gave to a company 127.000 euros for eliminating mosquitoes population. Nevertheless we had patients and deaths. And we had these results except from the environmental pollution. But using my project we would have focus the points of the real problem and we could save lives( a human being is priceless) , same money, save the environment , use the right pesticide and save the humans from all the illnesses that mosquitoes transmit such as malaria and WNV.

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These data can be used for the future in order to have a clear image about the public health of each region and the mosquito population dynamic.Moreover i will use temperature and moisture data using the suitable machines to determine their biological circle in order to spray the right time, when the mosquitoes are at their most sensitive point.These traps which i use give me of about 10% of the population that exists and their biological point. Then using maths i calculate the exact number of mosquitoes and the quantitive of pesticide that i need.Each of these traps costs of about 300 euros and their use is for many years. Putting a net of traps like these we've got some very useful elements in order to eradicate the mosquitoes that transmit illnesses that infect people and can cause very serious health problems, even the death.

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In 5 to 10 years we will know everything about the mosquitoes of our region. In this way we will not have patients suffering from illnesses like these because we will have a net of traps very well organised and in this way with little effort the results will be very satisfied. Moreover, this project has social impact because Entomologist students from the University of Volos could participate in order to learn some things in practical way.The next step will be to create a Wide Area Program with many regions and data loggers .

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This plan in order to be successful needs some useful tools such as a multiple net of traps , data loggers, computers with special programs and some people who will analyze the results and 'run' the procedure. But the amount of money given will be very small in contrast with the social effect and the public services. Otherwise , i will collaborate with the prefectures or take some traps (have a little number of traps) from the universities.

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The same problem is worldwide. There are some facts about rural areas but there are no facts about urban ones.And this is very large problem because there is highest possibility to be infected in the city despite to a rural area. Every year thousands of people die from these diseases. The governments try to spray but without satisfactory result in relation with the amount of money that they spend to, and the number of deaths. Even thought one death is important because human life is priceless.This project is worldwide and priceless.

Founding Story

The idea was given will i was studying a book about mosquitoes for a homework about my university.Then i saw a fellowship of Mrs Angelopoulos-Daskalakis . Then i opened a link www.sciencedirect.com ,where exist scientific papers, i saw that there is no information about monitoring and surveillance system of mosquitoes in urban areas and i started to note my thoughts about a possible experiment and its utility not only to the people but also to the government and its effects to the hole society. I was founded with 10.000 euros but i need more money for my survey.And your contest ( in a way) is a best solution to my problem because i want to become a better world changemaker but i need the necessary tools.


I have no team.I do everything on my own.I think that i have the knowledge to do it on my own. I am an entomologist so, i know the physiology of mosquitoes, i know maths to analyze my data, i know the way to put the traps and analyze if the mosquitoes of my sam;ing are infected from the virus or not...


Many books and assignments are there to be acknowledged about precautions from mosquito diseases and we just need to read it but we don't. We should read assignment online and read books then of of course we can be safe.

The population dynamic and the seasonal outbreaks of the mosquitoes and in this way they pollute the environment without eliminating Chemistry Coursework the mosquitoes populations.

Long-term success of ongoing malaria control efforts based on mosquito bed nets (long-lasting insecticidal net) and indoor residual spraying is dependent on continuous monitoring of mosquito vectors, and thus on effective mosquito sampling tools. buy assignment

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Mosquitoes transmit the WNV from birds to humans and infects the central nervous system causing meningitis because immune system fails not works so without controlling pesticides not to overcome issues on people. Do my assignment for me