Positive influence

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Positive influence

Nairobi, Kenya
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for profit
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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Life is not a constant thing, it is very dynamic and changing on daily basis. What was normal a year ago is not any more today. How can we keep pace and not be irrelevant in this world?? We can make a very important contribution, we need to understand who we are, and stop confusing the roles we play in life as who we are. We are more than those roles, we are LOVE - the very essence of LOVE. Unconditional love.

We are creators, we can create our desires but we have to do it out of love not fear. With Unconditional love we can break all kinds of barriers in life, and be happy!!!

About Project

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Growing personally and understanding self deeply. A lot of people especially in the developing world have lost hope, are desperate and because of historical injustices, consider themselves incapable. As a result poverty levels keep on increasing as people wait for the government or donors from the developed world to support. We can achieve and change our own circumstances!!! Millions of all those who live on less than a dollar a day stand to benefit and be empowered to be more proactive.

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Empower people. Help people change negative attitudes and developing countries like Kenya will move into middle income countries. This is a long lasting solutions. When attitudes change, parenting ways also change and the future looks brighter than today.
Impact: How does it Work

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Personal empowerment involves groups training on motivation, groups and individual coaching to help people break through limiting beliefs in life. When they make these break throughs, they will take actions by themselves. No one has to make any policies from some boardrooms in big cities about what is best for the poor of the developing world. But the poor themselves will come up with appropriate solutions. They will access that God given power that we are all capable of our dreams. This way we eliminate the need for dependancy on some western countries to pump millions of dollars in projects, projects which do not seem to have great impacts till today

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This is a very unique idea. I go out to those very poor who cant pay for my services. No competitor of mine wants to work with this people with so little income. I believe that there is a high chance of helping the poor like me access new ways of thinking and challenging them to BE, not creating situations of dependancy which most NGO;s have very well succeeded in doing although they will not accept this fact, because it will mean loss of funding for them, too hypocritical!!!