PREA ( Asisted Outpatient program in Mental Heatlh

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PREA ( Asisted Outpatient program in Mental Heatlh: struggle to re insert into society women hospitalized for mental health

Lomas de Zamora, ArgentinaLomas de Zamora, Argentina
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$250,000 - $500,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Our institution has the main goal, based on professional and non professional personal, to help these women to reinsert as well as rehabilitate them into society.
For this purpose, our institution has developed a rehabilitation program called P.R.E.A (Rehabilitation and outside hospitalization)

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What if mental health patients were not discriminated against ?
About Project

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Basically it was created with the intention of giving back these women some of the rights they have lost.rnBeside of being abandoned by society and their families, these women are over and over again neglected. They not only have to deal with a mental illness but to the fact of being averted from their social-affective environment, making it more difficult to be inserted in society again

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After 13 years of developing this program, it that has became an effective tool against discrimination against women. To give some example at present P.R.E.A , works with 84 women, of which 64 are now rehabilitated and ten of them are currently living with their partners meanwhile others live in 15 houses rented for the purposes of the program.rn. Most important is to mention that some of these women have been hospitalized 35 years and others have spent their entire lives in institutions until they leave through the program.rnFrom all patients rehabilitated by PREA, 51% had suffered several readmissions prior to their inclusion in the program, reaching in some cases up to 11 readmissions.rnAfter being rehabilitated with this program.
Impact: How does it Work

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The main lesson learned is that we can fight against discrimination and prejudice.rnUsers of our program, teach us that you can overcome adversity and discrimination and give us the strength to keep fighting every day.rnThey show us that they have a great strength and resources to adapt to new situations and solve problems for themselves which represents social adaptation.rnPREA program has taught us that based on the support of the treatment team (psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, etc.) in a short time you may sometimesa women who has been hospitalized for more than 20 years will be successfully inserted in society creating new linkages and opportunities

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Over 80 women have been outpatient hospital recovering their dignity Over 300 people from the community participate in workshops and job training We worked for the drafting of new laws that protect the rights of mental health patients

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Our idea is to keep growing, opening the community to reduce prejudice and foster the integration of our users. NGOs in several provinces have contacted us and the idea is to help them open new houses for rehabilitation of mental health patients

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we are beginning a fundraising campaign