Private Education Development Network (PEDN)

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Private Education Development Network (PEDN): Young Entrepreneurs Clubs Foster Tomorrow's Innovators

Kampala, Uganda
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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What if students could build a culture of responsible business and money management?
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Inherited from British colonialism, Uganda's education system focuses on exams, failing to engage students in the traditional classroom, while alternative vocational programs have yet to exist. As universal primary education strains outdated infrastructure, students lack the practical skills to enter the skilled labor market. Without the initiative, creativity, discipline, independent thinking, and self-management skills, Uganda's students are simply discarded, their potential thrown away.

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To encourage initiative, creativity, and other integral life skills, the Private Education Development Network creates action-oriented, student-centered youth clubs cultivating entrepreneurship. In both secondary school Young Entrepreneurs' Clubs and primary school Alfatoon Clubs, students discover and develop their talents, youth are groomed to seize opportunities, be confident, and find their own paths as they mature into competitive and productive individuals in society. Mentored by volunteers from the business and citizen sectors, students create and run small business projects that simultaneously promote a money management culture and children's rights and responsibilities. In doing so, PEDN also educates the entire community about children's potential in the modern economy.
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With such an innovative approach to learning, PEDN has begun integrating its practices into the school system. Partnering with the Ministry of Education, PEDN has already initiated 8 Young Entrepreneurs Clubs and 19 Alfatoon Clubs, with 20 more on their way. PEDN is also working with the Head Teachers' Association, the Curriculum Development Center, Members of Parliament, Young Entrepreneurs-UK, and Teaching Kids Business-Canada to weave a "curriculum of entrepreneurship" into the formal education system nationwide. PEDN's success can be most seen in the community's interest in its programs, with students, parents, educators, and governmental officials alike keen to invest in expansion, recognizing its potential for cultural and societal transformation.

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By cultivating a culture of entrepreneurship, PEDN transforms Ugandan society and facilitates vibrant youth leadership in the business world for generations to come. Its integration into the existing education system, engagement of surrounding business and citizen sectors, and focus on life skills for employment all build PEDN's strong roots in the community. As such, PEDN positions itself to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit amongst its students, as well as their communities, thus promoting societal acceptance of the entrepreneur's mindset.