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Project PYAAS: raising funds to buy water bowls and place them in Delhi ncr for stray dogs

GHAZIABAD, IndiaDelhi, India
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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My project PYAAS motive is to provide comfort to homeless animals & save them from dehydration during summers with the help of Delhi NCR residents This is completely volunteer driven initiative & success of this initiative depends on the funds we raise to buy water bowls & place in delhi NCR.

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your re.1 can also make a big difference
About Project

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This activity is for those who are physically strong. Each bowl is made of cement and has a capacity of 5 ltrs of water. Hence, the loading and un-loading of bowls is not an easy task. Once the bowls are ready, the volunteer(s) have to arrange for transportation of the bowls to different streets and also painting and numbering of bowls.

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The process followed - Identification of area co-coordinators for areas across delhi ncr. - Registration and collection of details in the form of an excel sheet. The data is then sorted according to the area. And each area is assigned to the respective area co-coordinator. - Placing an order for 100 bowls every week. Transportation of bowls from the potter to streets. - Painting of bowls and numbering them. - Distribution of bowls to area coordinators.
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Imagine a drop of water we die for during this heat even we step outside for 5 imagine the stray's quenching there thirst from sewers and sevage waterlogs.serving them water will be a blessing in disguise...

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Dogs become aggrassive during bad heat and scroching weather also many of them die due to dehydration,same is with cattles and donkeys n cats....placing water bowl will calm there thrist and also inspire passers by to stop n pour water for them ,hence making them friends

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if we able to cover delhi Ncr region and provide water to the animals ,we will be able to get many more helping hands and we can further proceed towards sterlizaition and vaccination of them so no more newborn pupps to die on street every season and no more garbage piles who feeds stray 's in large no.

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we already buyed and placed 30 water bowls in Ghaziabad & indirapuram.hence we request you all to kindly come forward and donate for our project PYAAS.even re.1 can make a big difference.

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each one of animal lover and humane feels the pain ,the stray's are going through without water.

Founding Story

The idea of making a difference in this world has been on my mind for quite some time now. I am excited to finally be doing so - however small it may be. project PYAAS motive is to provide comfort to homeless animals and save them from dehydration during summers with the help of Delhi NCR residents. This is a completely volunteer driven initiative and the success of this initiative depends on the funds we raise to buy the water bowls and place them in different locations and help animals to quench there thirst in summer.


Aditi Badam: Founder Vandana Achalia: Vice President


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we have got order of 30 bowls from different locality animal lovers.looking forward for a successful project .Thankyou all for supporting us.

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So far so good more than 70 orders received and delivery starts in 5 days time. We aim to place 500 bowls by the end of this month and we need support in huge number. If you cannot buy please share or volunteer in placing them. This would run every year and this just a beginning. I am grateful to all of you for supporting. We welcome people who would like to sponsor our project but cannot place the bowls - do not worry we will do it for you. Volunteers are more than welcome pls come forward it is time to go beyond Facebook likes and comments.