Public Awareness and Education the key to proper waste management

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Public Awareness and Education the key to proper waste management

BAwku Municipal and Binduri District, GhanaBawku unicipal and Binduri District, Ghana
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Effective waste management strategies assist in minimising or avoiding adverse impacts on the environment and human health, while allowing economic development and improvement in the quality of life.
These are suggested effective ways: recycling,burning,composting,and land-filling.

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what if the people are educated on waste management? will there be need to waste money on waste management
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Bawku Municpal and Binduri District has a poor waste management systems, where as if one is passing by could see polythene bags sachets water waste litter all round the townships and most guator chock with dirty waters and the place is having bad odour all over. This situation is hazardous to human health as while as life. what even make it worst is the conflict situation, where they spent so much in peace-keeping

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Public awareness and education is key to successful waste management. A critical component in any waste management program is public awareness and participation, in addition to appropriate legislation, strong technical support, and adequate funding. Waste is the result of human activities and everyone needs to have a proper understanding of waste management issues, without which the success of even the best conceived waste management plan becomes questionable. public awareness and participation results in successful waste management.
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proper waste management lead to clean environment, clean environment lead to healthy people, healthy people lead to increase productivity. The impact of this are many that one can not even mention all. I can tell now with authority that there are many malaria cases in these districts, as well as diarrhea, typhoid and many of the diseases outbreaks that are cause by dirty environment. I believed if I win this competition there will be a great change in the lives of the people concerning these cases mentioned above.

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As the public will become aware of the proper ways of managing waste and also educated on the danger of improper waste management there will not be more malaria, diarrhea, typhoid and out break of diseases associated with dirty surroundings.

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The two districts will be sensitised to implement waste management by-laws to ensure that there is cleanness all the time for good health.To ensure financial sustainability as the district themselves have seen the impact of proper waste management they will be ready to assist in funding to ensure that there continue to be cleanness and proper waste management.

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Zoom lion Ghana dealing with waste management in these two Districts but no impact is seen at all concerning this topic.It is like nobody even manage waste in these places. I can not say there is any approach at all.

Founding Story

I see need of doing this work because I feed many of diseases in the hospitals here, have any anything to do with the improper waste management situation. For that matter I took it upon myself to find a solution to this canker .