Recostruction (Tamir-e-Nau).

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Recostruction (Tamir-e-Nau).

Abbottabad, Pakistan
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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The state of affairs in the Green Sector is positively not sustainable! At the present rate we will have completely degraded and/ or exhausted our Renewable Natural Resources within a matter of a decade or two. The tremendous population pressure that we are exerting will soon reach crisis proportions. The era of beg and borrow is now almost at a close. It is a great shame that when there is plenty of scope for improvement and enhancement, we are forced to face a situation of need and scarcity. It is not my intention to expose our National Dirty Linen in Public. The tale is too well known to bear repeating. The causes of this situation are myriad and are beyond the scope of the present effort. However, the cures to some of the physical manifestations are presented for consideration. No claims to excellence are made; rather, an effort has been made to gather a bouquet of treatment. The effort towards Devolution was a step in the right direction and should have been supported to its logical conclusion. Vested interests may hide behind a screen of campaigning for Provincial Rights and declaring scarcity of capacity within Districts to be a limiting factor rendering them incapable of being masters of their own fates. An appeal is made to all right thinking individuals to cast aside the veils of prejudice and self-interest and take into account the sorry state of the environment and the fact that over 30 % of our population is faced with malnutrition! If this was a condition that was inescapable, it could be borne with resignation. When there is plenty of room for improvement and only a matter of getting our act together under visionary leadership, it is a crying shame.

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A serious attempt to make a diagnosis in order to arrive at a cure is definitely the first step towards recovery. Therefore, in order to achieve complete recovery the diagnosis must surely itself be complete and the prescription offered must be effective. Take into account the fact that despite being guilty of self inflicted wounds, our society is never the less subject to innumerable conspiracies that take advantage of our weakness and herd us towards situations that are in consonance with the designs and aims of these conspirators. As such they cannot be discounted but rather have to be included in our diagnosis. Is it not possible, as held by some responsible members of society, that due to “the long history of dictatorships, we have developed a strong culture for conspiracy theories” can read that as a result of long history of conspiracy, we have developed a strong culture for dictatorship! It is important to first reveal as to who is referred to as ‘we’. Which part or whole of our society can be included in this mythical proactive ‘we’? Do we include the dispossessed; marginalized and exploited yet silent majority, desperate for some small modicum of relief in the never ending battle for survival and subsistence? Is the ‘we’ all inclusive or is it the exclusive and elitist few that are the real actors who determine the course that is set for the Nation to steer by? Is it not possible that the root cause rests upon the failure to establish or rebuild a vibrant and home made ethos that would drive us towards progress? The present dispensation is that of a dying colonial establishment assailed by the masses that were recognized and empowered as a direct response to the socialist agenda of a political party and is this not the real power base of that party? The exclusive right, itself divided between so called religious, conservative middle class; feudals; industrialists and westernized elite hobbling together to pursue conflicting special interests, fails to attain majority without vested interest support at the ballot. If we are to “fix responsibility” and “understand why we are where we are” it is important to first understand where we are in the first place! The social order of yesteryear consisted of the degenerated remnants of feudal imperialism subject to colonialism whose successors, the economic neo-colonial imperialists, won the Second World War. The evolved social context was that of rigidly stratified yet self reliant microcosms existing within a survival of the strongest and most ruthless milieu. With increasing awareness and the opening out of economic opportunities, this framework broke down to create a disjointed free for all attempting to attain personal self-reliance. In order to attain some form of a harmonious whole we turned towards the model of British parliamentary system at National and Provincial levels. With failure to attain National or Provincial self-reliance the experiment of Local Bodies was tried out twice and on both occasions on the behest of Military Leaders trying for some semblance of National cohesion, ostensibly to devolve governance to local self-governance, surely a contradiction in terms! The truism that any system is as good or as bad as the people who run it, overwhelms the intrinsic efficacy or otherwise of any system.

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The promise of “freedom, democracy, prosperity, and social justice in accordance with the principles of Islam that galvanized the Muslims of South Asia to launch (the) Pakistan movement” followed by “strong civil and military bureaucracy hijacked the state as political institutions were weak and in early formative stage.” In order to attain the promise and eschew hijacking, which must include corrupt politicians, we need to consider the following. Should we not resolve the choice between westernized elitism and traditional culture? Will this step not include the vast majority of our populace who may have better leadership; vision; solutions etc. that could be tapped to achieve progress and prosperity? Secondly, can we establish Local Self-Governance at the Grass roots level that is the Village or Mohallah and not the Union and District Council level as touted by the late regime? In order to avoid replicating the divisive and competitive system of first past the post rule of the largest minority as a practical result of the democracy as practiced by us that is a masquerade for oligarchy or the rule of the rich, with Page-Rank Algorithm Social Network analysis that uncovers the ‘nexus of trust’ by highlighting the ‘flow-betweeness’ of individuals within a social network. This would quite easily avoid the self aggrandizement, abhorrent to the principles of Islam, with a rehabilitated and rationalized, egalitarian Panchayat/ Jirga system whose leaders are replaced by more deeply representative members who do not compete or vie for leadership? Can we engage in a dialogue to weigh the pros and cons of an alternate system that seeks to replace the exploitive structure with a truly participative and empowered local self-reliance? Given a workable mechanism and framework can we rethink our ‘Taqleedi” development with rational measures in consonance with our peculiar circumstances, culture, identity and history? Can we not establish a response to current challenges and imperatives based upon a rational development of Islamic society that would have been emplaced if it was not subverted by opportunists, plagues and external forces? Do we have to go through the rigors of re-evolving a modern society by repeating the mistakes of others? Do we change the system or just the faces? Ah, Love! Could thou and I with Fate conspire? To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire! Would not we shatter it to bits-and then. Re-mold it nearer to the Heart's Desire! Omar Khayyam.
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I strongly believe that the best leaders are those who after they depart the people say “we did it”, the ‘it’ being progress and prosperity. This transient personality and dynasty based leadership, subject to delusional visions and messiah complexes on the part of leadership can only serve or dis-serve in accordance with their inherent ability or lack thereof. True development can only come about if the skill and drive of the people is tapped and channelized in accordance with a vision that is mutually acceptable by all involved or affected.

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The impotent efforts on the behalf of the Ecological Preservation proponents are not enough to stem the tide of oblivion that threatens to engulf the sordid remains of what is a noble attempt on the part of Nature to bring Order to Chaos. What can an ordinary Citizen do in the face of Vested short-term interests and pressure groups fueled by black money often made by the immoral proceeds of activities that are directly contributing to the very problems enlisted above?


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