Relating the program of health to good nutrition, farm work and hygiene

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Relating the program of health to good nutrition, farm work and hygiene

Congo (Kinshasa)
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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The title of this innovation has been that the programs of heath in rural areas should be for wholistic solutions in the way they meet heath problems.The objectives of this project are : to promote the practice of cleanliness in order to render heathy the consumable and environment of people, to train the youth about income generation through agriculture ,and to help communities inmprove their lands in order to produce and consume more food in such a way that people may be capable of planning the nutrition of large numbers of individuals.

Approach : my audience needs access to visual-aids such as large placards, pictures, films, etc. Through what people watch on the aforementioned visual-aids I can choose to help peasants either to understand and accept the ideas and the way of life that are improving health elsewhere or to avoid bad practices that are prejudicial to human health.

About Project

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I see in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), that ignorance of what people lack plus the lack of any adequate methods by which people ought to avoid maladies, are tremendous factors in speeding human progress in towns and in regressing it in villages. That is, people in towns enjoy the health services that many village-dwellers do not. The reasons for this are three: villagers' ignorance of adequate methods by which they can avoid maladies, lack of the circulation of money within the rural areas, and malnutrition. So, the present project has been launched to enrich the whole life of rural people in the DRC. It begins in Pangi territory in the Province of Maniema, in the east of the DRC. Pangi's area is of 15. 542km², inhabited by the Balega (a Bantu people) numbering some 600. 000. It is a dense forest with an altitude of 500m to 800m, a fertile soil and heavy rainfall: where a wide variety of crops can be grown. Unfortunately, people here grow only manioc and rice, and that renders their ordinary diet monotonous.

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The health and strength of the members of a community depend largely upon nourishment as well as house to house cleanliness. By this, there is a strong reason for individuals to plan together and to combine their effort in farming and in all aspects of village life. That solution will bring together men of different tribes and churches after people gain the habit of working in self-help groups of about twenty men, for example.
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In order to help all the villagers to grow into more responsible people who have known how they should live their lives, I train some people to be sure they acquire the know-how that's absent in them so that they may be able to produce more food and acknowledge how to consume it adequately, and then acknowledge the methods by which they can avoid diseases. In addition, I give people opportunities to spread the acquired know-how person to person until there's a contagion of excellent health across the territory.

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The first thing to notice in this innovation is that it deals altogether with the three distinct facets of health: farming, nutrition and hygiene. For that very reason, I need to explain to all changemakers dealing with one or another facet of health that without their cooperation this program cannot work well. I acknowledge that the other colleagues have a great deal of obligation to do in their own programs, but giving their attention to this project would enable me to identify each mistake that requires correction.