Republic of Panama Land Conservancy

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Republic of Panama Land Conservancy: Purchasing Undevelped Properties

Panama City, Panama, PanamaPanama
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$1 million - $5 million
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The idea would be to purchase and manage large tracts of land for preservation throughout the country. Climate change even in a small area such as Panama can have global implications. The idea is to prevent the destruction of pristine lands that have been accelerated in this area of the world.

Impact: How does it Work

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Within the past 8 years, Panama has been undergoing a construction boom on an unprecedented scale. Companies purchase a tract of land for example say 80 hectares, strip the land bare of all of it's trees and then build 500 or more houses on that tract of land. The results, pristine jungles are replaced by concrete ones, the surrounding average temperatures rise, and once stable weather patterns are replaced by unstable ones, results of which either too little rain or so much rain that it can have deadly results. Personally I have witnessed this happen to a 50 hectare tract full of large trees and wildlife. The idea would be to purchase, manage and educate through responsible environmental conservation and protection.

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The plan would be to assemble a strong core team who would sponsor education awareness as well as organize events through local and governmental sources to visit protected lands under control of the foundation (not currently under the protection of the government) as well as educate the public as to alternate farming techniques etc., instead of selling pristine properties for development purposes.

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I am not aware of groups/entities doing exactly what I am proposing. I do know there are groups who deal with trying to protect primates etc., but as far as purchasing property to stop the growth of development projects that seem to be without controls I do not presently know of any.