Rural Agricultural Income generating activities

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Rural Agricultural Income generating activities

Kisumu, KenyaKisumu, Kenya
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$1,000 - $10,000
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KANALA seeks to empowered youth, to train youth to develop their own income generating activities, providing them with initial start up resources and create job opportunity to them.

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What if every body could join hand together?
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The major problems of Rongo-pala rural areas in Nyanza province Kenya are summarized as, inadequate levels of agriculture productivity particular in food crop; high levels of absolute and rural poverty. Most people are illiterate.Smallholder farmers lack the financial resources to invest sufficiently in production and marketing of both traditional commodities.Rural to urban migration in search of job opportunity.

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Income generating activities (IGAs) have become an important aspect to many sustainable development programs throughout the developing world. Kanala seeks to empowered youth, to train youth to develop their own income generating activities, providing them with initial start up resources and create job opportunity to them.Kanala through its Skills Kenya program seeks to develop its own brand of income generating activities for the youth that partake in its programs.”AGRI-BUSINESS” will provide at risk youth with a particular focus on unemployed youth the opportunity to use soccer as an educational and income generating tool Due to the nature of our organization, we need to diversify our income base and stop depending on
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Any successful rural development strategy will contain an agricultural development component. While agricultural development aims at improving the welfare of youth through sustained improvements in the productivity of the agricultural sector. Agriculture improves food security in many ways, most fundamentally by increasing the amount of food. Through growth in agricultural productivity and higher farm profits, increase in rural resources productivity with the central objective of enhancing rural income and creating employment opportunity in rural communities for rural dwellers to remain in the area. It is also an integrated approach to food production with an ultimate goal of improved and sustainable agriculture.

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1.Integrating tilapia/fish culture, and range chicken in the area farms which will create income generating activities and employment in the area 2.Contributes to food security. 3. The project will also create job opportunities to at least 100 economically challenged youth within the rural area. 4.Building of capacity of the local people in fish and horticultural production as a business 5.Improve the economic welfare of its members through engagement in business agriculture. 6.Small business enterprises through selling of agricultural product and hence improving the living standard of groups. 7.Increasing maize yield and income of maize farmers by improving their traditional maize technology through adoption of improve and recommended maize-farming technology.

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The initial cost of establishing this project be recovered in the first generation of first season. We also opted to engage in fish farming. Fish do not need special attention. The projects will run in parallel. Water from the pond can be used for the drip system of horticultural crop. This will ensure continuous generation of income all year round. We shall then not rely on donors for funding but be a local model for other group to learn from us

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The project does not require an educational level to the target and will help youths and women without basic education or no education at all acquire vocational and practical skills or engage in productive income generating activities to make them self-reliant and responsible. For fish farming the project is just require small piece of land. The project also will ruse swampy area for fish farming which is not used by community

Founding Story

KANALA group Organization operating in Rongo pala in Nyanza and Mathare slum in Nairobi province Kenya. Was founded in 2008 and officially register under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development. It currently has a membership of active 27. The mission is to empower youth both in urban and rural area by creating income generating and capacity building. Its main objective is to improve the economic welfare of its members through engagement in business agriculture, Create income generating activities and employment in the area and break free from the cycle of poverty.