Solving home sickness & anxiety at university

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Solving home sickness & anxiety at university

United KingdomNorthampton, United Kingdom
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$1,000 - $10,000
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I have provided a social venture canvas on steps I am taking in order to help students who suffer with anxiety or home sickness at university. I propose to make a short film about these issues and to show it in welcome weeks at universities starting with my own university in Northampton, England.

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Home Sickness and Anxiety at University

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Producing a video or short film of personal experiences that people have had of home sickness and/or anxiety during their first weeks or university and how they overcame it. Advice and more experiences of their work with students provided by the Residential Life Team at the University of Northampton. This final film to be shown in the welcome week of the commencing university year. The video can be shared on new student pages on social networking sites such as Facebook as well as being presented in person in the Welcome Weeks.

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No budget needed, no income wanted. A simple voluntary solution to help solve a problem.