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Sports Information Traders: Worlds Best Handicapping Group

New York, United StatesUnited States
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for profit
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$500,000 - $1 million
Project Summary
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We help those who are looking for alternative investment ideas to grow their bankroll with our sports handicapping and wagering tips. Our punters are the best in the world and have been featured in the Eye on Gaming, Forbes financial magazine,, Yahoo! Finance, and many more sites.

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You could make money from Las Vegas Sportsbooks
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Most people lose money from betting on sports and gambling. They need discipline and advisors to help them gain that extra edge. With helpful analysts who advise on the best way to win it helps those who previously lost money.

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To use a top notch football, baseball and basketball betting coach who has experience making money and the know how to wager on sports. With the help of Jon Price and his expertise those who are looking for an alternative investment opportunity now have that ability.
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We help you to make money and to build up your bankroll with our expert advice Learn how you can become an expert and make money wagering on sports when dealing with a handicapper who deals with celebrities, CEO's, and business owners who love to watch and bet on sports.

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Make money with the help of the best sports betting stars. Changing the tide to give the people the power is empowering and that is the mission of the sports information traders.

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We have been financially sustainable for years thanks to Jon Price's tremendous winning streak and ability to wager on sports and to make money year in and year out.

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Las Vegas, Boston, Dallas, Texas, San Francisco, California

Founding Story

Jon Price had always made money and been known to be good with numbers. He applied that to the sports market and the next thing you know he is building bankrolls and making enemies in Las Vegas for winning millions of dollars.


Jon Price, Mike Wise, David Michaels, Curt Presley