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Stakeholder's Dialog

Bucharest, Romania
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$1,000 - $10,000
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A national campaign regarding vaccination has never been done in Romania. In the present it runs a very aggressive campaign against prevention of vaccination and for that reason only 5% of children are vaccinated with vaccine against pneumococcal. In Romania pneumococcal disease is the main cause of death among children.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

This is an awareness campaign regarding the importance of prevention of vaccination due to the fact that at the moment only 5 % of the Romanian children are using optional vaccines. The rest of them use any. Romania has the biggest mortality rate caused by pneumonia among children worldwide: 29% ( biggest than India, Bangladesh, Nigeria. )

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GSK to be the promoter of a common action in pharma industry. Plan a national awareness campaign through all the channels, campaign sustained by GSK and his stakeholders, suc as pharmaceuticals companies, NGO’s, state structures – Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, European Commission on Health etc.
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This campaign regards vaccine market. This type of campaign can change the way of thinking of the patients and also of the doctors. My experience in vaccine market is for over 1 and a half year, working for GSK, and my focus is to offer solutions regarding vaccinations to all GSK’s clients. I have also worked 2 years in media on National Television and I have understood extremely well the impact that can have an integrated campaign like this one.

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In this project we want to involve all the stakeholders and this mean the competitors too. A project like this is in their interest too and so we aspect their support because the main objectives of this project is the growth the prevention and the vaccine overall market.


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