Startup Mzansi Foundation

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Startup Mzansi Foundation

Johannesburg, South AfricaJohannesburg, South Africa
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$50,000 - $100,000
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The Startup Foundation is a non-profit organisation supporting innovative youth entrepreneurship in South Africa. We have develop programs that revolutionise the South African startup ecosystem and help young people become high-impact entrepreneurs through the provision of the best resources.

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What if youth owned startups continue to change the world?
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I have personally experienced the pain of becoming an entrepreneur and many young people share my centiment in South Africa. South Africa's youth startup entrepreneurship rate is so low that many young people who have their potential to create their own jobs are sitting at home and doing nothing. There exists institutions that support young entrepreneurs but they are doing in their own silos. Many of these institutions are inaccessible.

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At a time when South Africa’s biggest issue is youth unemployment, businesses and government must work together to help young people develop an entrepreneurial mindset. That means fostering a culture which supports young people to take risks, set up businesses, create jobs and become masters of their own destiny. Whether it’s through finance, mentoring, incentives or training, we must all play our part so that young people achieve more.