Superb Catalyst Academy: catalyst for sound education

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Superb Catalyst Academy: catalyst for sound education

Naubise, Nepal
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$10,000 - $50,000
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My name is Ajoy Rimal and I am the principal at Superb Catalyst Academy in Dhading District of Nepal.

This school was born in 2007, following my father's last wish. He was a school principal and was the forerunner of English-medium education in Dhading District. Unfortunately, his school was shut down during the revolution in Nepal. After few years he became seriously ill, and as his last wish, he asked me to continue his dream to improve the education system in Nepal.The school is located 30 kilometers away from Capital city of Nepal from where two major National passes. The community composed of multilingual, multiracial, multicultural with boon of natural resources. Being close to the capital city, the community is back-warded in political, social, educational, socio-cultural, economical and so on. Still some places people did not feel comfortable to send girls to school, they thought that to educate them means no one will be at home for household activities. According to the ILO " Child labour under the age of 14 is strictly prohibited. In spite of legal provision, child are exploited, let alone the women, for the equal amount of the labour of amount, the wages paid to the women 50% less to the men, We realized the importance of women empowerment to run the various activities through Superb Catalyst Academy. We have bitter experiences of some innocent students studying in our school, the parents were infected by HIV AIDS, and they are dominated by society.

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I believe that education is a gift that keeps on giving. The school is about building something that can provide for future generations. If a school does its job successfully, the education it provides will not only help the students who attend the school, but also all the people who come into contact with those who received the education.