Teaching English in a Buddhist Monasteries

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Teaching English in a Buddhist Monasteries: Teach to Buddhist monks

Kathmandu, NepalKathmandu, Nepal
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As a volunteer in Teaching English to Buddhist Monks Program, you will provide basic conversational English instruction to Tibetan and Nepali children. As a unique facet of this placement, volunteers will witness and participate in traditional Buddhist rituals when happening in the monastery.

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Volunteers will live in the monastery with the monks which give them the unique opportunity to become a part of the close monastic community.
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More than 130,000 Tibetans live in exile in India, Nepal, and Bhutan, and nearly 20 percent of those exiled live in Nepal. Although they are now free to practice their religion and rebuild their cultural heritage, they still face many problems in Tibet's neighboring countries, especially in Nepal. Education for Tibetan children is a high priority and the biggest challenge for them.

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Volunteers are more than welcome to pass on any of their knowledge about mathematics, the sciences, medicine, computing, etc. too. Most of the monks have solely been educated in Buddhist subjects and greatly appreciated any skills that will enable them to manage the monastery, its business and everyday life in an increasingly modernized world entirely on their own. Knowledge about the Western world, but especially the English language which is continues to become more and more important in any domain, will enable the monks to impart their Buddhist expertise to Westerners. The programme's focus is thus on the exchange of spiritual and secular knowledge from which both sides will benefit, monks as well as volunteers.

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Volunteers Initiative Nepal is a non for profit, non governmental organization, entirely dependent upon the resources of our volunteers and supports. Without the program fees that you pay, VIN would be unable to sustain the platform upon which both our project work and the support that we provide to volunteers and interns are based.