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Texsum: read less,save time

Lahore, PakistanLahore, Pakistan
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for profit
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< $1,000
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Our purpose is to save user´s time and provide them a set of tools/services which help them to read lengthy articles in summary. Abrief summary of documents would be useful in many situations. We propose set of automatic text summarization tools/services that provides summaries of the large doc.

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Automatic text summarization tools
About Project

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People want to read more news and books. But due to busy & tough schedule they dont find time and canont read more text in less time.

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With the help of our product you can read more text in short time.The text which you read from it is more precise from the original text.


Uzair Naroo Umer Farzand Saba Aslam Salman Shan