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TITANIC ACCIDENT : Why did the Titanic accident occurs?

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The cause of Titanic accident is an iceberg but this title is just to draw attention.
As you know,unfortunately we do not have enough iceberg for a ship accident anymore.Icebergs are melting,seas are rising.Latest research shows that in last 20 years the sea level rose to 11 millimeters.

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The biggest problem is global warming.Global warming is the unequivocal and continuing rise in the average temperature of Earth's climate system. Result of global warming,icebergs are melting and land and water take their place.Land and water are less reflective than ice so absorption of sunlight increases.Therefore warming increases again.

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My suggestion is GLOBAL WARMING EDUCATION CENTER for politicians. Politicians our leaders and firstly they have to be educated by climate experts.They must know global warming danger.
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Every country will build a few education center only in their big cities.I guess every nation can provide this.

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My founding story about my concern.World is disappearing cause of oil, natural resources, money, consumption, waste, weapons, vehicles, carbon dioxide, water pollution..