Trip to Innovation

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Trip to Innovation

Amman, JordanJordan
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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We at trip to Innovation work on fighting unemployment in the Arab world mainly by equipping our youth with entrepreneurial thinking skills and the ability of starting up a new business, so that they become self employed and even employ and help others.

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What if the Arab youth became more engaged in a future they choose, build and create!
About Project

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Unemployment and lack of Entrepreneurship education and capacity building programs in the Arabic Region

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Spreading entrepreneurship among youth by proving three services: the awareness workshops for unemployed youth about "What is entrepreneurship ans how to start?", then the intensive technical training program "Entrepreneurship 101" for those who want to take their ideas one step more, and finally smart linkages with market opportunities available for would-be entrepreneurs.
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until now we could serve 2500 would-be entrepreneurs in Jordan and around 500 more n Palestine, we could implement 50 various activities in 12 different Arabic cities in Jordan and Palestine, we won three international awards and fellowship such as KAAIYA fellowship, IYF- BADIR fellowship and finally an ward from his majesty the king Abudullah the second for the impact we could achieve for better future of our beloved country Jordan,

Founding Story

We are two founders, one of us was a "recruitment supervisor" at a national program in Jordan trying to match fresh graduates with market vacancies, however the other was an entrepreneurs who has his own ICT startup, one discussion about the difficulty of matching between graduates and jobs, the lack of opportunities in the market compared to the unique opportunity of being an entrepreneurs (inspired by our entrepreneur founder), this discussion was enough so that we think that a program "Empower Entrepreneurship" in Jordan is a must!


Neda' Kharoub ; Co-Founder