VisitGwarinpa : An i-community engaging citizens using emmerging technologies in ICT

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VisitGwarinpa : An i-community engaging citizens using emmerging technologies in ICT

Abuja, Nigeria
Organization type: 
nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
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Gwarinpa remains the Largest Estate in West Africa. It is set in the FCT Abuja, Nigeria; 9km from the Central Business District and about 25km from the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja.
Gwarinpa houses thousands of diverse people from different cultures, tribes, and countries. Depending on how we manage the urban infrastructures in Gwarinpa during the next three decades, they could become either a force for environmental destruction or a primary source of ecological rejuvenation.

Consequently, uses its "Alternative thinking" idea in recognizing the proper role of i-communities and green technology in reducing carbon footprints and fostering peace amongst people and businesses in Gwarinpa by connecting service providers and clients, non-profit organization and causes, people and their families,schools and their pupils, Religion and their followers.

TheVisitGwarinpa project hopes to build a legitimate i-community that provide a sustainable level of citizen participation in Global issues - especially Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability.
This project adopts a holistic approach to address the issues stemming from an unequaled society and the knowledge lag about issues relating to the environment. This i-community will be involved in advocacy, awareness, early warning and mitigation of Climate Change issues, basically driven by ICT.

As we have seen measurable impact in using the web interface as a medium in fostering relationship with the Gwarinpa Community, we are now hoping and working on embarking on a Collection of Paper and Plastic Bottles for a pilot Recycling Project in Gwarinpa using Crowdsource Mapping.

We are hoping to run a 2 months Pilot Project on using Crowdsource Mapping for the collection of about 10 tons of Paper and Plastic Bottles for Recycling between June and July, 2012.