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Wheyducation: Wheyducation's Educational Teaching Method

Haifa, Israel
Year Founded:
Organization type: 
for profit
Project Stage:
$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Wheyducation's focus is to teach youth throughout the world about whey's importance agriculturally and environmentally. Milkpro, a food engineering start-up in Haifa, Israel, will use their patented heat transfer cylinder system to teach students about whey and energy conservation.

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What if the world knew how to use whey in the most energy efficient way?
About Project

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Wheyconomy is trying to use whey to create different types of dairy products in the most energy efficient way. Whey is the biproduct of cheese making and is usually disposed of in a harmful manner to the environment. When heated, whey can become ricotta or a number of different cheeses or yogurts. Wheyducati's energy transfer system heats whey in one cylinder and transfers the energy to another cylinder with a large amount of energy conservation.

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Wheyducation's energy transfer system should be implemented worldwide. Whey is such a valuable product in agriculture and food engineering. Countries should be able to utilize all their produced whey, and Wheyducation's energy transfer system gives them the most energy and cost efficient method. In addition, Wheyducation's energy transfer system will be used as an educational tool to teach youth hands-on engineering and mathematical techniques.
Impact: How does it Work

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Even in first world countries, whey comes to waste. Wheyducation's energy transfer system establishes a drastically more energy efficient method for creating whey based cheeses, yogurts, etc. In addition to going into large scale production, Wheyducation's cylinder system's prototypes are great educational tools. Using the system, students can learn about energy conservation and heat transfer. Watching how a complex engineering system works can teach students engineering concepts and help foster creative and intuitive ideas.

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Wheyducation hopes to spread Milkpro's educational prototypes internationally. All students, no matter what country they are from, should be able to learn about whey's impact on agriculture and the environment, and be able to see and use a legitimate and innovative product like Wheyducation's cylinder system prototypes. Each group of students will be taught about whey; then they will be taught how to use one of the prototypes; and finally each student or group of students will be given the ability to add their own innovative ideas to help develop the prototype more efficiently. Hopefully, this process will drive students everywhere to enjoy science and math, and create a new generation of engineers.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Initailly, we at Wheyducation are hoping to start by trying out the educational prototype in Boston, MA. We have quite a few contacts in Boston and will bring our system to middle schools and high schools in the Boston area. If the educational system becomes successful, we will take the system back to Israel. Next we hope to bring the system in a collaborative effort to South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australia. While teaching youth around the world about whey, our heat transfer system will go into full scale production and will benefit the dairy industry wherever implemeted.


Ofer Markman is the business advisor and owner of Milkpro. Jason Hershman is a mechanical engineering student from Boston, MA who is working as an intern at Milkpro. Jason is also the Boston Educational Center contact.