world food problems

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world food problems

dubai, United Arab Emirates
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$500,000 - $1 million
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Mortality of crops is the biggest problem for every farmer. They turn to UREA and harsher fertilizers to make them grow. I have grown in sand and compost with no use of PKN or urea doubling the yields of the crop. The control was 700 Kg of tomato and my treated was 1720 kg.

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all the farmers were able to double the yeilds of their crops.
About Project

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eradicates use of harsh chemicals and fertilizers. can even grow in Sand.

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I have devised a solution that is minimalistic and cheap using nano technology. by increasing the dissolved oxygen in the soil.
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A farmer grows tomatoes in one cycle. he uses water fertilizer and then has the risk of mortality. With my solution there is no mortality in the crop no fertilizer is used no urea is used. the yields are doubled using the same amonut of water as before.

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i grew Tomatoes in a green house, the medium was Sand and compost. The control yeild was 700kg and treated yeilds were 1720 kg. If this is implimented on cash crops or say even a city. we can double the GDP of that city within one cycle of the crop. ( in my perfect world of implimentation)

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the product is made from vegetable proteins and minerals, its the only product that completes the 360 degree of natures cycle. breaks down the compounds in the soil to its elements and give its back to nature.

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a few people have been trying to double the yields but no one has achieved it so far with normal green solutions.