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World schooling: A learning by exploring project

Bucharest, Romania
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$1,000 - $10,000
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In the future, "the school" will mean a group of people ( children and adults) traveling together following a plan made ​​by themselves, according to their needs and wishing to engage in a journey of knowledge...
These schools will be supported by governments.

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What if all parents would receive support to help fulfill the fundamental need for exploration of their children (including funds for inspiratio
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No problem. Just something new, worthy of thinking about... :) In the future, "the school" will mean a group of people ( children and adults) traveling together following to a plan made ​​by themselves, according to their needs and wishing to engage in a journey of knowledge. This type of school, itinerant, will be, by nature, highly individualized and would resonate with the passions of the children (and adults, prone to life long learning).

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Parents will self organize and seek support to start a school/ and fulfill the fundamental need for exploration of their children. I will be testing a bit the world-schooling idea: in sept. 2015 I will embark in a one year journey around the globe with a group of kids and parents. We already have 30 hosts all over the world and looking for more. We are looking for shared transportation solutions, for guides to local culture. We are looking for funding for transportation and access to museums. Every resource that could help is welcomed!
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I see the signs of it: - there are some governments that give funds for parents to organize a nursery & kindergarten for their children - working remote will become the usual in 100 years - ICT technologies already help kids with their learning in school and outside of it - some schools started to build subunits in other countries for language immersion purposes (quite costly approach - few afford it) - the cultural exchange programs for high school and university students have multiplied and diversified (not necessary affordable for everyone) - the number of exchange hospitality sites have increased - the number of families traveling with their kids, on a declared educational pursuit, increased To travel is to learn.

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THE MONEY WILL " FOLLOW" THE CHILDREN. In this way, money will no longer be "piled up" only in large urban centers and the children will not be grounded in a certain place for financial reasons. Given that a lot people will travel, distribution of goods and money will be different than today's. Communities will seek to support and guide the visiting schools - that would mean engaging in an enjoyable activity & certain facilities from the state budget. During his campaign, each Mair will have to answer to: "How many schools will this community host/ year?" (And people will like to hear "MORE...".) Governments (mainly) will fund travel/ inspirational/ immersion journeys for all children up to 16 years, accompanied by one/both parents or none (depending on age), together with one/more teachers (or none, provided the school follows a homeschooling philosophy).

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This idea will not have an impact in 5 or 10 years because a lot of people are afraid even to dream about it. But in time, a new culture will break to surface: a culture of experiencing the world and acknowledging/ understanding differences in other people. "Experience, travel - these are acts of self-education." Every journey is an enrichment. The transformation will be constant. I close my eyes and I see a street... and a child is running along this street... this child is shouting to everyone, in joy: THE SCHOOL IS COMING! THE SCHOOL IS COMING! THE SCHOOL IS COMING!

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The results of this journey will be made available on an internet page. People who will feel inspired by our vision and want to test the idea will be free to download all our data and design their own journey. To more!

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