Youth Career Center for young unemployments

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Youth Career Center for young unemployments: Career support and soft skills development for young unemployment people.

Debrecen, HungaryDebrecen, Hungary
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
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Estabilishing a Young Career Center, and to support young (age 18-30) unemployed people in a Hungarian regional level (Észak-Alföldi régió) in order to decrease the amant of unemployement by providing human labor market services, non formal training and exchange job opportunities.

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What if the future does not exist, because there was no one today who have built it?
About Project

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The alarming unemployment amongst young people (29 %, 94 000 persons to which several factors contributed: Young people -do not have the necessary soft skills, basic competence and foreign language knowledge to fill in a certain position -are not motivated (enough) to work -do not know where and how to look for jobs -do not have experience in multiculturalism -do not have experience, skills, and money will become a entrepreneur.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Estabilishing a Young Career Center, where the career advisors, mentors with several services (career advice, test working, soft skills trainings, volunteering and mobility programs ,etc.) to support the young unemployment to become an employee. Create „Job market place” and get involve min, 500 young unemployed people/year in order that they share experiences and learn techniques concerning how to look for jobs effectively, where the young people can to meet with the regional employers and the companies can to share their job opportunities. Strengthen the cooperation between different sectors in our region to prevent youth unemployment situation.
Impact: How does it Work

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Quantitative data: Create 1 co-working work place Get involve min. 500 young people in our services Organize 10 trainings program under 1 year for them To give carrer advice for 300 young people Organize 10 trainngs program under 1 year To set on the labor market 50 young uneployment under 1 year Get involve 50 employers our project To organize 4 event for employee and companies Qualitative data: Decrease the young unemployment rate Develop the young unemployments skills and motivate them for work and active participate in volunteering programs We connect employers with educational institutions in the province Closer cooperation between sectors.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Create a co-working innovative work place Joining the system of National Employment Service Developing our organization (building, ICT) Developing and imlementing the standards of human labor market services Implementation of the quality management system (ISO) Skills development for teams Developing the website Create a electronical database Developing our human labor services Create new education program Strengthen the relationship with employers in our region

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Sales our services for employers Partecipate in Corporate Social Responsabilty Programs Partecipate international, European and national project opportunity, and realize it. Search donors and supporter organization. Volunteering work

Founding Story

After when I finished my study, I became unemployed. I was young, I lived alone, without money and LIFE experiance. I did not find job for 3 years, it was very hard period for me. One time I met a helper people, who supported me my carrer. After started my career step by step: under 10 years I collected work experiance in adult education and human labor market advice field. I worked always with unemployment people, because I loved to help them. I partecipated a Grundtving assistant project, and under this program I worked for 7 months an Italian non-profit organization. There I decided, when I return on Hungary, I establish- found a same organization, I will involve others and we will help all unemployment people.


Gyulai Anna/ promoting and communication