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Kigali, RwandaRwanda
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$1 million - $5 million
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YouthConnekt is a platform that connects innovative youth with leaders from the public and private sectors to forge new partnerships for the future. The platform gives Youth a seat at the table by connecting them to role models, resources, skills development, and employment opportunities.

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What if ICT could create jobs for young Rwandans?
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Despite Rwanda achieving a very high growth rate, almost 70 per cent of Youth are underemployed. There is a high degree of informality. Even though unemployment rates are formally quite low, the amount of people in formal wage employment is also exceedingly low. There is a lack of labor market intermediation, a gap between existing skills and labor market demands, fragmented approach to entrepreneurship promotion(mentorship, access to finance etc

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A UNDP project in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and ICT of Rwanda, we harness both organizations' leverage and capacity for innovation in the development space. Despite its low employment elasticity, the ICT sector revolution is dramatically changing the nature of structural change. Evidence suggests that ICT has strong potential to create economic growth through positive impacts on the labour market. Harnessing the power of ICT to connect, innovate and synergize with the private and the public sectors, investors, civil society and academia, we create new action-oriented partnerships to layer investment for youth employment by utilizing ICT infrastructure through Google Hangouts and other online tools.
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It is clear Small Medium Sized Enterprises are the backbone of every economy: they are the engines of employment, income generation and economic growth. With a weak private sector and most of wage paying jobs in the informal sector, Rwanda aims to promote entrepreneurship particularly in the tech sector. In line with the countries aspirations, in partnership with the Motorola Solutions Foundation, we designed a Challenge with the unique aim of encouraging youth participation in innovation and apps development through entrepreneurship promotion. The Challenge is expected to help entrepreneurs grow businesses - efficiently and effectively.

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Providing the winners with seed funding for their successful proposals, we help them to scale and grow successful, sustainable businesses and in turn create jobs for young people and stimulate the local economy. The aim of YouthConnekt is to address Youth unemployment and contribute to sustainable growth and long-term development. A multi-sector approach is necessary to build an innovation ecosystem that can speed up Rwandan economic growth. We encourage public and private sectors and NGO’s to layer investment to create greater impact.


I would like to thank Aylin Schulz van Endert for having posted this initiative on your website. However, I would like to request her to cease misleading the public by calling her the Founder of this initiative. She knows well that she joined this initaitive when UNDP joined the Ministry of Youth and ICT in Rwanda in order to see how this good initiative can be enhanced for creating a good impact. Thanks.