Youths promoting farmer innovation for improving food security

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Youths promoting farmer innovation for improving food security

Kampala, UgandaBusia, Uganda
Year Founded:
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$50,000 - $100,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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The project will popularize efficient and profitable organic resources in Busia municipality using innovative cost effective approaches that deliver these technologies to various youth and women groups in Busia through conservation farming,fortified bio char tithonia fusion and marketing technique.

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What if climate smart agriculture that sustainably increases productivity, enhances resilience to climate change, reduces emissions, and enhance
About Project

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Increasing tonnage of bio degradable organic waste,Some 30 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to agriculture and deforestation,and agriculture production relies directly on soil, water, and a variety of biological processes. High unemployment among the youths and women at 79% while the increasing population needs increasing agricultural productivity, enhancing its resilience to climate change and land use management.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Sustainable land management (SLM), involving the implementation of land-use systems and management practices Increasing productivity, reducing emissions, and enhancing resilience to climate change and support for alternative approaches to practice Support youth and women investment in climate change agriculture through seed loan and also establish land use management committees in the villages. Promote,disseminate and scale bio-char production for improving crop yields and storing carbon. Empowering youth and women farmers against low and volatile output prices. Improving the resource base so that input use is more profitable for youths and women employed in agriculture sector.
Impact: How does it Work

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Mobilization and training of farmers will help them be equipped with knowledge and skills on farming which will lead to high yields. Sustainable land management (SLM), involving the implementation of land-use systems and management practices that enable humans to maximize the economic and social benefits from land while maintaining or enhancing the ecosystem services that land resources provide. Inter groups farmers exchange visits,networking and partnership activities. YES will partner with Equity Bank to increase access to greenhouse and drip irrigation technologies is an example of how to design sustainable, climate-smart projects. Promoting participatory community action research and work with communities and extension workers.

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The work will help farmers improve on their standards of living and incomes within a short period of time. increased crop yields while using less land, and harvest throughout the year in dry and wet weather conditions. The project will benefit over 1000 people through improved feeding and nutrition. Young agriculture entrepreneurs recognized in the region for promoting green agriculture carbon conservation, in which the large volumes of carbon stored in natural forests, grasslands, and wetlands remain stored as carbon stocks. 60% of women and youths have established sustainable land use practices and gaining income from the project Sustainable land management reduces the emissions of GHGs that emanate from agricultural production. Increased income,employment and gender equality in resource management and conservation.

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The project has four pronged approach to sustainability as follows Establish structures with youths and women to network, coordinate management sustainable land use activities in the region. Work with the bank to help strengthen business finance and risk management for the youth and women groups and lowering trade barriers to increase regional market size. Invest in education and train youth and women in organizational development.

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There is little known evidence of key players targeting youths and women in sustainable land management practices in the region.On the approach suggested ,will have a partnership with Equity bank Busia Branch to help support and promote the initiative of the youths and women in the climate smart agriculture through improving access to agricultural credit. Improve quality and dissemination of market information to youth and women farming groups. Investing in soils and water management and irrigation infrastructures. Improve supply chain coordination and management.

Founding Story

In my home Busia Uganda, most of the lands were redundant or misused household waste are being dumped . I thought it wise that this household waste should be transformed to compost in order for us to come up with improved agricultural yields that can be sustainable in our communities. Being a young entrepreneur i was interested in being a role model in improving on the standards of living for both the women and youth through sustainable climate smart agriculture. There are many unemployed youths despite of them attaining higher levels of education,equipping them with knowledge and skills on sustainable land use practices practices in order for them to earn a living,while ensuring long term sustainable development is key to our success.


Youths need guidance and support in order to proactively participate in decision making process of their development and well being.So planning with youths and implementing together is needed to achieve the development gaps that would be filled by young people in africa and other region of the world.