Children's Friends

Children's Friends

Omsk, RussiaOmsk, Russia
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$50,000 - $100,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

Concise Summary: Help us pitch this solution! Provide an explanation within 3-4 short sentences.

"Children's Friends" is the project in frames of which volunteers visit pediatric departments with different events and entertainments for children staying for a treatment period in hospitals.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

The problem is that children feel bored and sometimes even depressed in the walls of a hospital. We want to make them happier and make them smile more. We want to teach them to communicate with volunteers and each other, to understand some life values such as kindness, tenderness and so on.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Our project is aimed, first of all, at creating a volunteering group which is going to visit hospitals and entertain children with some activities. Also we plan to create life-sized puppet because children love big dolls.
Impact: How does it Work

Example: Walk us through a specific example(s) of how this solution makes a difference; include its primary activities.

Children are afraid of hospitals. Telling about some hospitals in our city they don't like them more because there's no play rooms where they can spend their time. With some time we also plan to create normal conditions in these play rooms.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

We're going to wire our network of visits and go not only to hospitals within the city but to the region ones. The group of volunteers will be trained. And play rooms are rebuilt.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

We have not a big budget for a project. Usually some sponsors and volunteers help us. But we don't have a permanent sponsor for the project and sometimes we can have some problems with financing.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

There are some small similar projects. They are usually consist of students visiting orphans. They are making everything with their by their's own forces. But we can make this process bigger and more large-scaled.

Founding Story

The project was born in 2009 as one of the projects of Charitable Center of Helping Children "Raduga". But in 2013 the prohect has gor a renew when we decided to visit hospitals more than on some holidays as it was maid before. We decided to give more our attention to children in hospitals.
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Charitable Center of Helping Children "Raduga"
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Charitable Center of Helping Children "Raduga"

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, Omsk

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, OMS, Omsk

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The last award was 'the best NGO in Omsk'.

Nutrients For All
Where do you ensure the availability of nutrients?

Human wellness and vitality.

If you had greater capacity, which additional sectors would you like your solution to target - either through expansion, partnership, or thought exchange?

Human wellness and vitality.

How specifically would this added capacity help you improve the quality, efficiency, or sustainability of your existing product or service?

We can provide children with nutritient products. It will improve their health conditions. And we can tell them how it is important to use nutritient products in their lives.