My Clean City

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My Clean City

Kitchener, CanadaNational Project, Canada
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My Clean City is a national project that encourages existing environmental organizations to collaborate to provide a unified portal for youth to engage in community & take action to reduce their environmental impact. Evidence based we push beyond awareness to promote visible impact in communities.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

The need for environmentally conscious living is exponential. If people & countries continue at their current pollution/waste rates & don't reduce their carbon footprints, our world will be in peril in the near future. Also,nonprofit organizations are now a "dime a dozen". Although it is great that there exists so many passion groups, the nonprofit sector has become overcrowded & redundant. Donor fatigue is an increasing issue as citizens are bombarded with fundraising requests from similar organizations, confused with mixed messages from alike causes & overall exhausted by the volume of nonprofit activities. There is a great need for collaboration among nonprofits of similar nature. To come together, and work along the same messages, join forces on events to strengthen the impact etc.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Rather than just another awareness campaign expressing the need for change, My Clean City drives people to take measurable actions in support of green living and waste reduction. Many young Canadians have no idea what environmental programs and resources exist in their communities.We're a collaborative project that encourages nonprofit organizations to share volunteers & resources to enhance productivity in the environmental sector. We act as a mediator between youth & community, as we promote non-profit environmental organizations through a unified portal while also supplying youth with opportunities to gain volunteer hours and work experience. As an evidence-based project, we aim for recording our results and crediting those volunteers and organizations that assist in our environmental goals. By quantifying our impact, together as youth, organizations and cities we can reduce Canada’s carbon footprint and inspire others to follow our lead towards a cleaner and better country.
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This is a unique project that, contrary to past environmental initiatives, is ACTION based. It pushes communities to not only become aware of their need for environmental change, but to learn how to take proper action. The campaign is set up as a nationwide challenge: community members will be encouraged to attend environmental programs in their region and perform small, action-based challenges to improve and promote environmentally friendly living. For every challenge completed, the city will earn “eco-points” which will be counted at the end of the campaign. Individuals who have collected the most eco-points will be recognized with prizes, and the city with the most points will be recognized as “Canada’s greenest city”. Benefit: reducing Canada’s carbon footprint while also improving local-level environmental issues. This project also involves helping local environmental organizations. My Clean City provides non-profit organizations with FREE promotional activities, national awareness, and local traffic to participate in their community programs. Struggling non-profits are given the opportunity to increase their community presence, with the goal of increasing the effectiveness of their programs.

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My Clean City is currently collaborating with most major environmental nonprofit groups in Canada including Earth Day, WFF, & Pollution Probe. We’ve made alliances with national youth leadership networks to serve as ambassadors including Canada's elite Top 20 Under 20 Network, Shad Valley, Kiwanis Key Clubs, Rotary youth leadership chapters. By reinstating a positive image for nonprofits, we work to define the core benefit of a truly sustainable nonprofit;creating metrics that relate to published common good. Through strengthening a nonprofit, their communal impact subsequently grows. Our work will reduce redundancy and increase the effectiveness of sustainable nonprofits. Second,during our next phase we will be mobilizing young people to take measurable acts in reducing their environmental impact. With our current alliances,100,000 participants is an anticipated.Tracking the actions taken during the campaign, a quantifiable reduction in Canada's carbon footprint is anticipated

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The innovation in this project is it leverages existing channels of communication & collaborates with existing organizations to operate. It's a minimal viable venture. With a young target market, our promotional channels are heavily based online and social media. Our alliances with organizations allow us access to strong networks as well as resources. Collaboration ensures our sustainability; we work together in a network towards a common goal.

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Three target players are involved in this project: 1) Nonprofit organizations -> rather than compete we collaborate to enhance their programs and increase their local presence. *we mobilize young people to volunteer and participate in their local programs & provide national promotion of their efforts 2) Corporate companies -> we work to unite the private sector to grassroot initiatives and help communities connect with the services & resources available to them 3) Canadian citizens to participate in the challenge -> provide them with avenues to discover new resources in the community and guide them in taking measurable action to reduce their carbon footprint

Founding Story

I used to believe volunteering was boring, something forced upon communities as a moral duty. The sector has a tarnished image; many peers reiterated my mundane view of volunteerism and frustration the redundant nonprofit programs. Why can’t volunteering be fun and why don’t nonprofits see that they all were doing the same things? As a young entrepreneur, I attempted to fill this gap and created a volunteer campaign using media to form a city-wide competition. In 2 weeks, I generated 2100+ volunteer hours from my project & discovered the core principles of The Kelly Effect: media and incentives are great engagement tools, volunteerism needs value for the participant to drive engagement, and one person has the power to create large impact.
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The Kelly Effect

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, ON, Kitchener

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, XX, National Project

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American Express & Ashoka Emerging Innovator 2013
Canada's Top 20 Under 20
Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal
Hesselbien International Leadership Award
One Young World Canadian Ambassador
Western University Green Award
Kin Canada National Award
Honourable Mention - Terry Fox Humanitarian Award
Ontario Change the World Youth Ambassadorship Award
Newcomer Champion - Ministry of Citizenship, Ontario

Nutrients For All
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Healthy environments., Human wellness and vitality.

If you had greater capacity, which additional sectors would you like your solution to target - either through expansion, partnership, or thought exchange?

Healthy environments, Human wellness and vitality.

How specifically would this added capacity help you improve the quality, efficiency, or sustainability of your existing product or service?

Expanded capacity will enable My Clean City not only to strengthen collaborative efforts with existing organizations, but to create unified programs within our network; bringing our model to most municipalities of Canada. Such programs will work with cities to provide youth with feasible avenues to connect with local resources & obtain hands on tools to build sustainable communities. Capacity building will also enable My Clean City to create & maintain a scholarship fund to support young environmental leaders taking action to improve their communities and environment through our model.