Grounded Nutrition

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Grounded Nutrition

Papua New Guinea
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1,000 - $10,000
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Our proposed idea is to rekindle, stimulate and promote useful traditional food production & practices through education and community workshops and hand down these skills to the young & instill value of local resources however adopt more effective and modern agricultural methods for productive food security, sustainability and income generation.

About Project

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IIokea Village is a small coastal Village on the Gulf of Papua infact it is one of the least developed areas in Papua New Guinea, it is facing adverse weather conditions, rising sea level due to climate change and hasty economic & cultural transitions, it is abundant in rural land & marine resource however traditional ways are dying out fast as young people steer away from anything traditional and find worth in drugs, alcohol & fast food. There is increasing poverty, over 50% of population under 20 years of age most are unemployed and live in villages like Iokea, they turn to stealing and cause localized insecurity. Grounded Nutrition aims to create an environment of worth through interactive skills of food production & valued culture from the old to the new in maintaining food capital. Lack of education and funding are the greatest obstacles denying villagers like Iokea to improved nutrition and better food production.
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Iokea Village & Women's Development Foundation
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Iokea Village & Women's Development Foundation

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Iokea Village & Women's Development Foundation

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00 94 772772409

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Berth Brown Memorial Church, Iokea Village. Gulf Province. Papua New Guinea

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Grounded Nutrition will compassionately adapt food cultures of the old with the new, it will create interaction of skills from old to new about food production with a modern twist, it will create skills and maintain them for future generation and protect food & seed capital and its value. It will educate the low lying coastal villages to utilize their resources effectively and learn to maintain sufficient food production to provide sustenance for Iokea & the many other villages like it. It will revive dormant traditional recipes & food preparations using local produce alongside the newer favorites of rice and canned foods, which will enhance & embrace food production in nutrition and for the betterment of all, a good food culture than passed from generation to generation.. Grounded Nutrition is to value the old and add the new for a grounded & healthy people.

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The main impact is rural & village empowerment where 99% predominantly live on subsistence farming and have little income, using and utilizing local resources & knowledge in their natural environments productively to safeguard the well being of villagers and their respective communities with possibilities of selling access produce to markets in the city. Such a program will unite the community, will compassionately adapt food cultures of the old with the new, it will create interaction of values from old to new about food production with a modern twist, it will create skills and maintain them for future generation and protect food & seed capital and its value. It will revive dormant traditional recipes & food preparations using local produce alongside the newer favorites of rice and canned foods, which will enhance & embrace food production in nutrition and for the betterment of all, recipes can be reproduced to market and to circulate to nearby villages and further improve other lives. It will change attitudes to value their local resources and move away from the culture of dependancy and poor food habits.


Working with the well established Berth Brown Memorial Group who run the village Men’s, Women’s, Youth & children’s Sunday school, although these are church run organizations most of the 6,000 villagers are in someway involved, the groups raise funds themselves and have little to no funding from elsewhere, much of the village needs are discussed and met through these groups, Grounded Nutrition will be a community project that will be the undertaking of all theses community groups, with the necessary funding, planning and seed cultivation can begin and areas cleared & designated by the groups with the “Pukari men” or Village chiefs guidance & instructions on what best to plant where and at what season. Certain cultural rituals and blessing are bestowed on plants for good harvest, which are traditional food cultures that will be practiced in the process & learnt by the young. Women & young girls will learn nutritional value to add to meals. Health workers & nutritionists can be invited to host workshops about various crops & their nutritional value & promoting good food cultures.


Better Health & healthier people & communities.
Utilization and improved resource management.
Better infant & maternal health
Food Security and through education the understanding of maintaining seed & food capital.
Promoting traditional food values and passing on the knowledge & skills for future generation.
Alleviating poverty,
Reducing culture of dependency and transition in a more compassionate way culturally & economically.
Value local produce & promote its value

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

Our Idea is developing on what is already entrenched but just forgotten. Our aim is to reignite & give local villagers their right to valuing & appreciating their resources. Our action is to educate, promote, fund & guide the villagers to do what they already know.

Funding will provide avenues of training & education and the materials required to disseminate to the villages and general public for awareness. Funding will allow the purchase of a tractor & tools for digging and clearing bush & trees.
The first year will be discussing, planning, purchasing necessary equipment and locating suitable areas to work from. Making the various groups aware of the project and collecting and planting seed nurseries and caring for seeds. Getting Elders & Community to promote & Support project and get involved.
The second year will be clearing and labor-intensive work by the groups to prepare areas for planting, old trees felled, digging and preparing for planting. Continuous training from experts and local chiefs on the care and maintaining young plants. Ground crops are annual and harvested earlier however most local fruit take 3-5 years for a good harvest.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Although our Idea is simple, organization and funding are key factors that prevent the success of such a community project, villagers especially along the coast of PNG are facing severe climate change with rising sea levels destroying crops and communities and creating food and localized insecurities. Giving people the right tools to work with help them to help themselves, with the right guidance and local knowledge will not only educate them to be self sufficient but will empower whole village communities, this project can be replicated in any of the nearby coastal village communities that lie on the gulf coast of PNG and also on any other similar coastal villages, the people of Iokea are already set for such a project and need your help.
Thank you

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Less than $50

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Operating for less than a year

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Less than a year

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Good Partnerships provide resources of education, information and resource facilitation, it is important to value and work with a range of partnerships to share and improve ideas. Government departments have material and information that rural projects can have access to & utilize to benefit & support their projects sometimes free or at very little charge, opportunities to workshops and forums locally or internationally funded by or organized by local and national governments give opportunities to villagers who would otherwise never have the opportunity. Forging and maintaining a network of all related stakeholders such as NGO’s, community leaders, Government, private business all can assist rural projects and empower communities and it is therefore highly important to the success of project such as ours.

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Community Involvement & Support
Management & Expertise

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

I I have lived overseas for over 20 years and visit my Village & family from time to time, on every visit I have seen the decline in traditional culture and ways disappear more and more, the tranquility of the village replaced by noisy drunk & drug induced youths, the staple of sago & fish replaced by can tuna & rice, the young girls mistreated and domestic violence rife. Changes in climate destroying the coast & crops is having adverse effects on my village & other coastal villages, I got talking to the Village Women’s group who occasionally gather at my mum’s or aunties for their usual weekly fellowship and realized that they have had ideas to develop the community however are unable to do so as the village has no electricity and they have no access to finding funds, together we discussed ideas and one of the ways proposed to alleviate the growing problems was to educate the community in sustainable food production and rekindle traditional food cultures and customs and educate and pass the skills on for the future. It was than that I set out to help them seek funding to improve the livelihoods my fellow villagers and secure a better sustainable future for tomorrow children. ,

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

I am just an ordinary Papua New Guinean woman concerned for the safety and future of my beloved Iokea and fellow villagers. I have supported many charities and continue to do so today, I am currently a homemaker however have a vision to change attitudes and mindset from the village/ rural level communities where 85% of Papua New Guineas live on subsistence economies living from day to day. I believe with access to Internet and the outside I have a purpose to bring about development and change for the betterment of Iokea and also many other villages like it all over the world

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