Challenges nourish changemakers who enter.

Challenges are framed in partnerships with the worlds’ leading institutions. They are often the most visible part of a broader, multi-year, multi-million dollar commitment to changemaking. Challenges:

  • convene people and solutions to tackle seemingly intractable problems,
  • bring group support, visibility, and inspiration through structured exchanges between entrants, reviewers, and a broader group of experts, and
  • offer nuanced conversations that are grounded in analysis of leading social entrepreneurs’ models.
  • (Oh, and there are some prizes at the end too.)
See what you can do here: tap the power of this commitment of resources, and the network that goes with it. Enter a Challenge today.

Don’t see a Challenge to enter here? You can still post a description of your project here, and it will be linked to your Profile page. This allows you to share a description of your project with your network, and receive feedback on it. And you can easily submit your project description as an entry in future Challenges when they appear on this site.