Enter Before Thursday 6/26, 5pm PDT for an Extra $1000! Plus tips for creating a winning entry

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You can still continue to revise your entry up until the final deadline. Entering early means you'll be eligible to win one of two early entry prizes of $1000. All entries remain eligible to win one of four $100k Activating Empathy Prizes, or one of two potential Idea Prizes.

What makes a winning entry? Top entries meet the Assessment Criteria, and they also make a compelling case for the problem they are trying to solve, and for their specific model for achieving impact. Here are four ways to accomplish this:

Consult the Changemakers Guide to Pitching Consider best practices from successful past entrants. Embrace storytelling. Details are essential!

Add multimedia to your project.
Videos are immersive. They're inspiring. And the good ones can transport people into your world. Add that dimension to your written description.

Let the judges know why they should choose your entry, out of many others.
It's a crowded marketplace. The best entrants understand and address the gaps in their pitches. They also describe how their work compares to or complements other leading models.

Invite people to send you feedback and ratings on your entry.
Each entry has a feedback and rating module that allows entrants to receive private feedback that helps them improve. Trading feedback with other entrants can also be the start to valuable partnerships and relationships.