Flow Funding


$10,000 awarded to two or more innovators


Open to any innovator


December 31st, 2012

about the funder:

Website: http://www.flowfunding.org

Flow funding is an exploratory form of philanthropy that encourages visionaries to discover and fund people and projects that inspire them. The mission of The Flow Fund Circle is to increase trust, generosity of spirit, empowerment, and compassion in the world by increasing the flow of money through the hands of new philanthropists who freely carry resources to places where their hearts move them to go. Members of The Flow Fund Circle have donated to over 500 projects. Eighty percent of the money has flowed out of the United States to over 45 countries, including 41 underdeveloped countries.


Congratulations to our winner Taigoo - Taxi for Good Initiative!

full prize details:

Prize Opportunity: Over $20,000 in funding generated through the brokered real estate transactions of Innovator’s own supporter network.

Criteria: Open to any innovator; no specific requirements