The Re-imagine Learning Network - About

A History of the Re-imagine Learning Network

The Re-imagine Learning Network launched in the spring of 2014. One of the earliest priorities was identifying leading social entrepreneurs to understand their models, distill their insights, and then share what was learned with education stakeholders hungry for change. Findings from these conversations and interviews were packaged in a 50-page report, Social Innovation Mapping: Entrepreneurial Patterns for the Future of Learning.

“How-tos” and best practices poured in with the launch of the Re-imagine Learning Challenge in April, which gave more than 600 playful learning advocates from 78 countries a chance to tell their stories. Innovators of all sorts shared their solutions on, from nonprofit founders who delivered books and hands-on science instruction to remote villages in Zambia to curators of “museums of play” in Singapore. The 10 best ideas from this group (as evaluated by a panel of expert judges) split USD $200,000 in cash prizes, received technical assistance and in-kind support, and were celebrated at the 2015 IDEA Conference as “Champions of Learning Through Play.” These Champions, alongside education-focused Ashoka Fellows selected with input from the LEGO Foundation drive the Network as a leadership team.

The Re-imagine Learning Network is so much more than a label for a handful of good ideas. It’s a global team of like-minded playful learning practitioners who are truly transforming the way the world sees and does learning. Besides teaming up with each other, Network members get access to a wealth of resources, and expertise to scale their work.

In early 2016, 16 members of the Re-imagine Learning network went through a “Globalizer”, a program designed to push innovators to thinking big and beyond borders. Participants were matched with top advisors from the business world to help them refine their scaling strategy. Culminating in a summit in London, the Re-imagine Learning network brought together high level stakeholders in education and learning from around the world to discuss re-imagining learning for the 21st century.

The Re-imagine Learning network members are leaders in their field, and are collaborating across sectors to tip the education system. Some members of the Network have partnered with their local and state governments, as well as ministries of education, to replicate their work. Others have linked up with multilateral institutions, including UNICEF, to ensure that children everywhere have access to the meaningful instruction they need to succeed.