Play, a Serious Solution? G+ Hangout and Twitter Chat on May 28

Play, a Serious Solution? G+ Hangout and Twitter Chat on May 28

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“I think the beauty of thinking like a child … is that sometimes doing things differently and simply and with a kind of joy and triviality leads you to a really special place that as an adult you don’t get to go to very often.”

That’s Steven D. Levitt, an award-winning economist, talking his friend and Freakonomics podcast co-host, Stephen J. Dubner.

In the podcast, Dubner also catches up with Alison Gopnik, a professor of psychology and philosophy at UC Berkeley, who says the latest research suggests children are more than just underdeveloped adults:

“There’s something about being a child, having that particular child-like mind and brain, that is letting you explore more and, in some sense, be more creative.

I guess we agree: thinking like a child can be quite fruitful. Children are great problem solvers, they come up with good ideas, and ask even better questions.

The pressing problem is that children are being educated out of their creativity, because the typical classroom kills intrinsic motivation, risk-taking behavior, and playful attitudes. That’s a workforce issue—creativity is the number one leadership competency of the future, according to 1,500 CEOs polled by IBM.

How can we re-imagine learning spaces and processes so that children can be children? How can we help them grow up to be smart, productive and enterprising adults?

We want to hear your take. So, from 9-10 a.m. (EDT) on May 28, join us for a #SocEntChat about learning, creativity and play.

How do you #SocEntChat? Joining the conversation is easy. Just log-in to your Twitter account around 9, follow @changemakers, introduce yourself, and remember to include the hashtag #SocEntChat in your tweets.

Then from 10-10:45 a.m., tune in to a Google+ Hangout hosted by Susan Ochshorn, founder of ECE PolicyWorks. Mission Hill educator Geralyn McLaughlin, Ashoka Fellow Dina Buchbinder and Andrew Bollington of the LEGO Foundation will join the Hangout as guests.

The panel will be taking your questions. Submit them on Twitter with the hashtag #play2learn.

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