Video Games and Tech: Key to Learning Success? Live G+ Hangout on Oct. 2

Video Games and Tech: Key to Learning Success? Live G+ Hangout on Oct. 2

“We’re trying to change education in a positive way, that’s the overarching goal,” said Jan von Meppen. “Basically, we’re trying to achieve that by using storytelling to put learning content into context with the real world.”
Von Meppen is the lead game designer at LudInc, the company behind “Professor S.,” a location-based alternate reality game that uses a time-traveling professor and his assistant to bring fun, creativity and energy back into the classroom.

He’s also a Pacesetter in the Re-imagine Learning Challenge and just one of five panelists in our upcoming Google+ Hangout on October 2 (11 a.m. EDT): How Tech And Video Games Are Shaping The Future Of Learning.

Technology is, and will continue to be, one of the main drivers of change in education. It’s not only shifting the way educators teach, but also how students learn, find information, and communicate with their peers -- even at an early age.

Consider this, from the consumer side: About three-quarters of children under 8 have used tablets or smartphones, according to a study from Common Sense Media. So too have one-third of toddlers under 2. Digital natives, indeed.

In the Hangout, we’ll explore the ways that technology, including video games and the gadgets we can’t seem to put down, can actually help young people pick up real-world skills and better make sense of the systems they live in. Moreover, we want discuss what type of skills children and young people need to be equipped with in order to navigate this changing world.

Let’s start a conversation. (We want to hear from you.)

Join us for a Google+ Hangout from 11-12:30 p.m. EDT on October 2. Moderator David Gauntlett, co-director of the Communications and Media Research Institute and professor at the University of Westminster, will explore trends, innovations, and the long-lasting impact in gaming, technology and learning with input from our panel:

+ Bo Stjerne Thomsen, Director of Research & Learning at the LEGO Foundation

+ Jordan Shapiro, Temple University professor and edtech journalist

+ Jennifer Kotler Clarke, Vice President of Research & Evaluation at Sesame Workshop

+ Jan Von Meppen, lead game designer at LudInc and Pacesetter in the Re-imagine Learning Challenge

+ Jessica Berlinski, Chief Impact Officer of Adaptive Health Systems (AHS), a new double-bottom-line company focused on scaling Dept. of Education- and NIH-funded evidence-based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) games

How can you join the discussion?

RSVP on the Google+ event page, the same place you’ll get to watch the Hangout. Then on October 2, make sure you open the Google+ event page before noon EDT -- we’ll be starting promptly -- and utilize the “Q&A” app to ask the panelists a question. And, as always, follow the Twitter stream using the #play2learn hashtag, where we’ll be live-tweeting takeaways

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to submit them in the Google+ event page comments section. We’ll get back to you, promise!


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