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Aplusclick: To develop logical reasoning and problem solving skills

Lausanne, SwitzerlandLausanne, Switzerland
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$10,000 - $50,000
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A+ Click helps students become problem solvers. No fees, no ads, no calculators, no sign in, and no frustration. The website features a graduated set of over 4000 meaningful math problems for students in grades one through twelve, starting from the very simple to the extremely difficult.

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What if more children become problem solvers and creators?
About Project

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Children need free sources for development of their logical reasoning and creative thinking. Practice makes perfect! Math is “an universal language” which is understandable worldwide. Most of existing math worksheets are neither interesting nor meaningful. Math and logic challenges are spread over Internet and books. There is not a single easy accessible source with interesting problems adaptable to users existing skills.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

The solution is a free large collection of interesting logic and math problems. The problems include a short description, an illustration to help problem solvers visualize the model, and the detailed answer. The tests adapt to student ability. The self-study learning site includes game elements: star scoring system, cheering sounds for young kids, statistics, and a Leaderboard. The tests concentrate on understanding, spatial reasoning, and problem solving, rather than math rules and theorems. Children play competing with other students worldwide. The project will include a computer game MATH WARS. It is like the table game GO on a grid of black lines: the difference is that a player can place a new stone once he/she solves a problem.
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When I was an young boy, I solved dozens of math problems everyday. They became more difficult every time. Now, working as a business developer at a high tech company, my colleagues and I solve more serious and complex problems for our business on a regular basis. A+C urge kids to increase their talent and sharpen their mind by practicing these types of problems, starting with simple problems and increasing the difficulty level, such as by solving puzzles at the website aplusclick.com. The world needs innovative creators who are able to solve problems! Practice makes perfect! http://aplusclick.wordpress.com/2012/11/

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

The elements of the approach which distinguish it from existing uses are: 1) interesting, illustrated problems with answers; 2) large range of difficulty level and more than 1000 different topics to practice; 3) the content is constantly adapted based on the feedback of users. 4) No fees, no ads, no registration, no age limits, no frustration, no calculator, no time pressure, and no boring formulas.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

A+ Click helps students become problem solvers. No fees, no ads, no calculators, and no sign in. The website features a graduated set of over 4000 challenging problems for students in grades one through twelve, starting from the very simple to the extremely difficult. The questions are based on the Common Core Standards in Math and go beyond by adding hundreds of practical problems and brainteasers. The questions concentrate on understanding, spatial reasoning, and problem solving rather than math rules and theorems. Stat: 1000+ visitors per day; average time > 5 min. now.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

1) Dozens volunteers contribute in the service development ( http://www.aplusclick.com/about.htm ) 2) A+Click service is free for children. Additional services for professionals like e-books, slides, templates, certificates are sold on other web-platforms (iTunes, Amazon, www.teacherspayteachers.com ,...) 3) creating payable LMS service for schools: teachers can compose tasks, tests, organise discussions and follow-up students performance.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

The traditional competitors are listed at http://gws.ala.org/category/mathematics-computers . The largest competitors are ixl.com and khanacademy.org with budget hundred times greater than the Aplusclick budget. The unique selling proposition is a free, easy accessible world largest collection of meaningful and practical problems. There is a new niche where there is no competition yet: a platform for collaborative problem solving of real problems, which we develop at the second stage of the project.

Founding Story

When I was a young boy, I studied mathematics in school and also on my own using Martin Gardner’s puzzles books. I often walked several miles to the city library in chilly Siberian frost to read just a few of the puzzle books’ pages. Very soon, I missed compelling challenges. Now, as an adult, I am eager to help children throughout the world who are in the same position that I was in as a child to discover interesting, practical, and challenging math and logic puzzles and answers. We created a collection of more than 4000 compelling problems. Dozens people worldwide helped us to develop the high quality problems http://aplusclick.wordpress.com/2012/11/


Igor is the founder of the project and dozens volunteers have helped him to develop the project. More than 50 people from 20 different countries helped us to develop, review and extend the content of the site. http://www.aplusclick.com/about.htm
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, Lausanne

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, VD, Lausanne

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Friends and family, Individuals.


The site was one of the sites selected as a Great Web Sites for Kids addition by the GWS Committee of the American Library Association.


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6 - 12, 13 - 17.

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Coach, Resource Officer.

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Online Learning.

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Equip Adults to Drive Change in Learning: Providing creative learning experiences for teachers, parents, working professions and others that empowers them to drive change in any part of the learning ecosystem.

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One size fits all fits none: Students are disengaged and not being prepared for "real life."


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A+ Click helps students become problem solvers.

Secondary Form
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Students solve problems in the class/home as starter activities, game Math activities, to compete with other students worldwide, to take IQ test, and just to get fun sharpening their intelligence. Worldwide English speaking countries. 1000+ online visitors everyday; average duration is 6 minutes.

INSPIRATION: What do you consider the most important trends or evidence that inspire you to believe the world is ready to Re-imagine Learning? Please elaborate.

The word is ready to Re-imagine Learning because of the technological breakthrough: the access of most of the World's population to the Internet.

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY: What does “learning through play” mean to you and why it is a must-have, instead of a nice to have?

Learning is indispensable. There is boring learning and there is learning with fun. We need to put fun, motivation into all learning processes where it is possible. Students do boring Math worksheet exercises because the teacher ordered them to do so. Thousands students solve interesting and challenging math problems at www.aplusclick.com themselves because they enjoy to do so.

SUSTAINABILITY: Please list a quick breakdown of your funding, indicating the percentage that comes from each source.

The project has very low budget because volunteering. Now the sources is private funding - 80%; ebook sales - 20%. In the future all budget will be covered by payable Premium service for teachers and parents, while the main service will be free for children.

MODEL: How does your mission relate to your business model (i.e. Non-profit, for-profit or hybrid)?

The model is hybrid. The mission: to develop logic reasoning and problem solving skills corresponds to the FREE, NO-ADS, No-REGISTRATION service for children. The Premium service (eBooks, printable worksheets, progress tracking, special tests, Learning Management System LMS) will be available for teachers and parents as a payable service.

FUNDING PRIORITIES: If your organization were given $20K in unrestricted funding today, how would you use it? Why?

1) To improve infrastructure: to move the service from current low-cost web hosting (with 1% down time) to reliable and fast provider, which will be able to serve the to the greater number of customers (10 times more).
2) To translate the content of 4000 problems into other languages.

PARTNERSHIPS: Tell us about your partnerships that enhance your approach.

Dozens volunteers provide us with their feedback, reviews and suggestions. They continue to do so. The list of the people involved is given at http://www.aplusclick.com/about.htm
Their participation dramatically improved the quality of the content and its attractiveness.

COLLABORATIONS: Have you considered or initiated partnerships with any of the other Challenge Pacesetters? If so, please share.

We are open for both welcoming people input into project and using of our content, expertise, audience as a part of other projects.

VISION: If you had unlimited funding, and you could fast forward 15 years to when your program has been able to achieve wild success - what will it have achieved?

To help to large number of students to develop their problem solving skills.

To provide the service to 10'000 students in 6-10 languages on daily basis worldwide. The students will spend at least 10 minutes sharpening their skills.

IMPACT - KEY METRICS: Please list the key data points that you would cite as evidence that you are able to achieve lasting learning outcomes. Please also share one data point for which you most hope to see better results over time

Right now, the site has 1000+ visitors with average duration 6 minutes every day. Better technical service, the marketing will enlarge the number of students and help to reach the mentioned above objectives.

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100,001 to 500,000

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Fewer than 10

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Games with Rules, Educational Structuring (developing playful projects within educational contexts).

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