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RomaniaBucharest, Romania
Year Founded:
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for profit
Project Stage:
$50,000 - $100,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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eLearning content for kids ages 3 to 11. A blended approach, one that will unite classroom with home study.
All of the content is organized around the eLearning Avatars. In essence, these avatars are virtual teachers that guide the children through the tasks and also help complete them.

WHAT IF - Inspiration: Write one sentence that describes a way that your project dares to ask, "WHAT IF?"

What if education could be more about the child and less about the teacher.
About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

We have studied the Romanian educational system and found a need for kindergarten and school digital educational support materials, materials that educators could use in classrooms and then pupils at home in order to have an augmented educational experience. It is very important to have a fresh approach, to produce content that is in sync with the times. Prepare the children for the future, not for the past!

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

At this time, EduTeca's core is formed of 13 interactive educational titles organized in 3 Series: Anotimpurile (The Seasons), Exploratorii (The Explorers), Prietenii Sănătăţii (The Friends of Health). The titles are in Romanian language and created with the help of pedagogical experts, kindergarten teachers and psychologists. Each educational module is based on an activity that is studied in the classroom. There are 230 educational modules in the 13 titles. We are constantly adding new titles to EduTeca and support for different platforms. We made the educational content available on multiple devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) and Internet independent. 2 interactive digital manuals have also been developed recently.
Impact: How does it Work

Example: Walk us through a specific example(s) of how this solution makes a difference; include its primary activities.

Each product is created starting with the needs of the children in classrooms. Example: educators know that throughout the autumn season they will use a thematic project called“Autumn” where they will teach about the changes seen in nature, what will happen with the plants, the animals, the weather, how we will dress, prepare food for winter, also they will need certain language and mathematics elements. Our content focuses on exactly the same elements to complement the educational experience. The products are used during classroom hours. At the home of the pupil, our eLearning avatars continue the educational process. They will ask questions, give feedback, provide interactive situations directly connected to normal class hours.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

EduTeca is present in over 600 kindergartens in Romania. Our content is constantly evaluated, approved and recommended by the National Ministry of Education. The European Union has awarded us 1st Place - European Award for Best Content For Kids, Category: Professionals, Romania, 2014 for a product from The "Friends of Health" Series. The Series comes as an answer to an ever growing danger of nutrition related health problems like obesity and diabetes. We have the biggest online community dedicated to an educational product in our country: : 70.000 supporters.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

We prepared the EduTeca project to be able to scale globally. By using the already developed partnerships (tablet manufacturers) we can move cash wise and localize the products in other countries.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The EduTeca project is growing in Romania. Clients and strategic partnerships provide enough money to give us a chance at the global scene. Locally we are breaking the 3-7 age range (kindergartens). We are introducing 2 digital manuasl designed for 1st grade and 2nd grade pupils (schools). If successful the manuals will be acquired by the Ministry of Education and enter the approximately 4022 public schools of the country.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

The other similar solutions present on the market focus on just one side of the story. Some are only available online, and some are only offline (for PC). What we try is focus on the blended approach. We constantly create content for both online and offline usage (cross-platform, cross-device) and always enforce the educational side by doing educational activities with our eLearning avatars in kindergartens.

Founding Story

Back in 2012, we were disappointed that here in Romania, education was still caught in the past. Technology was used mostly for entertainment. Why not use technology as a tool for teaching? Kids were certainly and naturally drawn to it. We wanted to change things, to give further generations a real shot for a better future. The first step: kindergartens.


Current Team Members: Teachers, Educators, Psychologists, Instructional Designers, Programmers, Graphic Artists, Testers, Managers and Sales team. In total 24 people.
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Ascendia Design
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Ascendia Design

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, Bucharest

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Businesses, Customers.


- 1st Place - European Award for Best Content For Kids, Category: Professionals, Romania, 2014
- 3rd Place - Entertainment - Mobile Awards România, 2013.
-2nd Place - Best Game - ZF Mobilio, 2013.
- 3rd Place - Special Projects - Mobile Awards România, 2014.

Primary Target Age Group

3 - 5, 6 - 12.

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Public (tuition-free), Private (tuition-based), Home-School, Other.

Intervention Focus

Curricular, Extracurricular, Online Learning, Products or Services.

Does your project utilize any of the innovative design principles below?

Putting Children in Charge: Giving children a voice and cultivating agency via experiential learning, project-based learning, and civic engagement.

Is your project targeted at solving any of the following key barriers?

Whole child development is undervalued: Essential parts of development get left behind as children get older, such as healthy habits, executive function, and social and emotional learning.


Take EduTeca to global level.


The EduTeca products can be installed on multiple devices - Android, Pc, iOS

What key learning outcomes does your work seek to improve?

- Learning vs Entertainment. Transforming the educational process into one that can compete with the Entertainment Industry.

Secondary Form
PROGRAM DESIGN CLARITY: We are hungry to know more about what exactly your model consists of. Please succinctly list a) what main activities are you doing with your beneficiaries, b) where you carry out the activities? c) how often? d) for how many hours? e) who delivers the services? and f) any other brief details

Main activities:
For Kindergarten Level:
1. Provide Educational Software – 13 titles ready and present in over 600 educational institutions (private and public).
For School Level:
1. 2 digital manuals are provided, expected to enter the approximately 4022 public schools of the country.
Location and delivery:
1.Our own staff reaches the educational units directly. This is where we provide the EduTeca software. The content is made to run within the institutions on PCs and tablets (IOS, Android) and at the homes of the pupils. A new product is launched every 2-3 months.

INSPIRATION: What do you consider the most important trends or evidence that inspire you to believe the world is ready to Re-imagine Learning? Please elaborate.

The biggest engine behind Re-imagine Learning is the gamification of learning. By leveraging the science used in video games to make them attractive and applying it to educational games we are transforming education into something much more powerful. Education is given now the tool set to fight for the attention of the pupils. Imagine a child sneaking behind his parents backs to play a math game on the tablet.

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY: What does “learning through play” mean to you and why it is a must-have, instead of a nice to have?

Why would a child do something and not something else? It is about the satisfaction given by the activity. By making education „cool” and „fun” you can transform an entire generation of children. Learning does not have to be done anymore alone in a corner with a printed book and a pencil. We can now collaborate and get instant feedback on our actions. Children, we all know, are naturals with tablets and PC. There are too many stimulae in the world that fight for the attention of the „consumers”. Education must also step in and fight.

SUSTAINABILITY: Please list a quick breakdown of your funding, indicating the percentage that comes from each source.

- Educational software CDs on national market – 45%
- Educational apps in digital stores - 30%
- Partnerships – 25%

MODEL: How does your mission relate to your business model (i.e. Non-profit, for-profit or hybrid)?

We are a for profit company. To make the mission a success the project must be able to pull its own weight, to be commercially viable. We intend to bring education again in the front row, popular and attractive. We must prepare the children for the future not for the past. To achieve this, education must be perfectly in tune with technology.

FUNDING PRIORITIES: If your organization were given $20K in unrestricted funding today, how would you use it? Why?

We are a for-profit company. To make the mission a success the project must be able to pull its own weight, to be commercially viable. We intend to bring education again in the front row, popular and attractive. We must prepare the children for the future not for the past.

PARTNERSHIPS: Tell us about your partnerships that enhance your approach.

-Danone Romania & Sanomahearst Romania nationwide promotion with our educational CDs
-Samsung Electronics – preinstallation of our educational products – kindergarten apps
-CRBL – hugely popular romanian artist to join the strategy for the kindergarten applications, also digitized in one of our products

COLLABORATIONS: Have you considered or initiated partnerships with any of the other Challenge Pacesetters? If so, please share.

Not at this point. We are looking forward.

VISION: If you had unlimited funding, and you could fast forward 15 years to when your program has been able to achieve wild success - what will it have achieved?

The best educational content is the one that is able to keep you to continue to learn it. What we aim at is to transform educational content into something popular, trackable and easly modifiable, on a global scale. As we are an elearning company focused on al segments of elearning we would branch out to other countries and collaborate with the respective national educational ministries.

IMPACT - KEY METRICS: Please list the key data points that you would cite as evidence that you are able to achieve lasting learning outcomes. Please also share one data point for which you most hope to see better results over time

-The European Union has awarded us 1st Place - European Award for Best Content For Kids, Romania Category: Professionals
-We currently reach above 600 kindergartens nationwide with our educational products. The content follows the curriculum and the strict rules set by the National Ministry of Education. Content is available on all important platforms and we expect to distribute our new digital manuals to 8000 public schools.

IMPACT - REPORTING SAMPLE: Please attach any examples of your impact reporting. [optional]:
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SOURCE: If applicable - who created the research or evidence you are choosing to share? :
IMPACT - REACH: How many people did your project directly engage in programmatic activities in the last year?

50,001 to 100,000

STUDY: Has an external evaluation or study been conducted of your organization?


Other (please specify)
Number of Employees:


Number of Volunteers:

Fewer than 10

APPROACHES: Given the complexity of play, it is not surprising that there have been numerous research attempts to categorize the different types and approaches! Please indicate which of the following your project focuses on.

Games with Rules, Educational Structuring (developing playful projects within educational contexts), Challenging Play (play that disrupts - where rules are disregarded and levels of imagination are high).

Other (please specify)
AFFILIATION: Please specify if your organization has any existing affiliations with the LEGO Group.

No affiliations.